by perraut 06 Jan 2017

J'ai remarqué que plusieurs personnes remerciaient en français. J'aimerai entrer en contact.

Merci d'avance . Cricri de Paris


by claudenicolas 07 Jan 2017

Bonjour cricri de Paris,
je suis française, normande, et je vais te donner mon adressemail par MP sur suis une passionnée de la broderie machine. Quelle machine as tu?

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mrskiki by mrskiki edited 07 Jan 2017

I have a HusqvarnaViking Designer Epic as well as a Designer Diamond Royale. I have tried other brands and find HV machines to be the most user friendly. What machine do you have and what is your favorite type of embroidery? By the way I am a Texan, living in a small town south of Austin. Hugs. Nan W

by spendlove Moderator 07 Jan 2017

There are several members here from France. I hope they will see this soon.

by babash 07 Jan 2017

Hopefully the Cuties that speak French will respond to your request.
Sorry I don't I just use Bing to translate.