by rescuer Moderator 04 Jan 2017

I love it when our dear Veronika gives us time to vote on missed letters or designs. Her new designs are superb, but she has been gifted and talented with embroidery designs for many years! The current snowflake alpha folks are voting on has been around since 2008. You can see the talent in the designs.

Do you want to know how long a design has been offered here on Cute? Just scroll through the "Thank you" comments to find the first "thank you." You will then see (approximately) the first time a design was offered.


by sewmom 08 Jan 2017

Another tip: if you don't remember if you downloaded a design and don't want to look through your files, do ctrl f on your keyboard and enter your screen name. If you left a "thank you" comment your screen name will pop at least twice on the page (the first one being your screen name at the top bar).

by babash 06 Jan 2017

I agree some are very old that are coming up to download. 8 years 6 years.

by 02kar Moderator 05 Jan 2017

And I have used this alphabet to make a cute welcome sign for the house. I love and have used so many of the Cute alphabets.

by pennyhal2 04 Jan 2017

I think it speaks to the fact that we have wonderful new members joining Cuties!

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rescuer by rescuer 04 Jan 2017

New or not so new... I am glad we have lots of happy Cuties!