by serendipity79 23d ago

I have been a very busy elf :) most presents were given hot off the machine... some i even forgot to take pics before wrapping them up and gifting them...The cushions with the cross stitch designs are my favorite, it was my first experience embroidery cross stitch designs... they did take a long time to stitch out.. designs from and Urban Threads and prodigitizing.


by graceandham 20d ago

Love the mistletoe design on the plaid you chose and also your most wonderful time pillow. Really nice designs and results!

by lbrow 20d ago

Well little elf you did an amazing job on all. Know you made some people happy/Lillian

by cfidl 22d ago

Fun pillows! I came for inspiration and now I found it.

by greytgirl 22d ago

Love your pillows. Can't pick a favorite because they are all so beautiful!

by noah 22d ago

very very very beautiful hugs

by queenofhearts 22d ago

All of these are so beautiful.

by jrob Moderator 22d ago

What a lot of beautiful work you have done!

by Barbaric 22d ago

they look beautiful

by sjbrower 22d ago

Beautiful work! I just recently did my first cross-stitch design, and love the look. Yours are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the link.... I'm on the hunt for some nice xstitch designs!

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grossfamilie by grossfamilie 15d ago

Have you tried EMS Cross-stitch-board? I just checked. I f you sign in you still can download the beautiful machine cross stitch designs for free (she has limited bandwith though) but you can step by from time to time to gather more Thanks to Ellen Maurer Stroh!

by brendalea 22d ago

Lovely gifts, the receivers should be very happy. Thank you for sharing
Happy Stitching

by sonjapotgieter 22d ago

Stunning work done!!!Beautiful!!!

by lilylady 22d ago

Very well done, I love Birds!

by dragonflyer 22d ago

They are all lovely...I love doing machine cross is fascinating to watch it stitch, too!

by Smokey12 22d ago

These are fantastic. My favorite is the mistletoe one. Great color combinations with a very visible design. Welcome to cute.

by bejoscha 22d ago

They are all absolutely beautiful, yes a lot of work....

by baydreamer 22d ago

They all look wonderful!

by mops Moderator 23d ago

They are all lovely. You certainly have been busy.

I never understand why people are afraid of stitching cross stitch designs. It does not make any difference to your machine. They have a relatively high stitch count but are as easy to sew as any embroidery design. Only drawback from a digitiser's view point is you can't use connection stitches between colour blocks as those would show, especially if the cross stitch is a bit open.

by bemara 23d ago

the candle in the glass is mine favorite :-)

by pennifold 23d ago

You have been a very busy little elf - they are all absolutely fabulous!!! Love ❤️ Chris

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 23d ago

thank you :) these are actually half the projects i managed to finish off in the past two weeks!!! needless to say i am exhausted!