by bejoscha 28 Dec 2016

3D Papier – Mâché cards

This Christmas we've tried something new for our parcels: Cards made with 3D papier–mâché. As it worked out so nicely, we've uploaded an instruction PDF to our homepage.


by airyfairy 01 Jan 2017

This is beautiful

by pennyhal2 31 Dec 2016

These are a great idea! I use the same technique for note cards, but it's hard to find forms that are as deep as one needs. I'll have to keep my eyes open for these cookie forms.

bejoscha by bejoscha 31 Dec 2016

Didn't want to "advertise" here, but we have used the forms ordered from this site:

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 03 Jan 2017

Thanks! Everyone posts links to sites, so hopefully this isn't a problem.

by marianb 29 Dec 2016

thanks for the ideas for next year

by castor 29 Dec 2016

this idea is super I do make my own cards so I will try and play with some paper mache thanks for the pdf Ursula

by sandralane 28 Dec 2016

A stunning card, I am sure everyone would love to have something so beautiful. Sandra.

by kazza 28 Dec 2016

absolutely beautiful, who wouldn't want cards like this!

by dragonflyer 28 Dec 2016


by crafter2243 Moderator 28 Dec 2016

This is also a great way to use old envelopes once you have removed the window material. I have had great luck with that and I love recycling. This is a very pretty form and your ideas are always very elegant. Time to bring out my forms. Thanks for reminding me.

by spendlove Moderator 28 Dec 2016

These are excellent!

by lilylady 28 Dec 2016

Love the pine cone and wooden tree on clothespin and cutouts. They all go great with your wrapping paper!