by toogie 26 Dec 2016

Hello my Cuties, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day. It is quiet this morning at my house. The sound is good, it means I can relax now.The only ones here now is myself, dh, and our son. They are on the porch assembling a BBQ grill we bought him for christmas.

I fed 24 people yesterday for Christmas. I had been baking and cooking for 3 days, so I looked forward to today. Although my floors need a good mopping, it will have to wait until tomorrow.After today, I won't be able to stand them-lol- I am taking this day off to rest.
I enjoy having them all over, because last year I wasn't able to do the baking and preparations, I usually do. I was thankful to be able to get it all done and my husband helped a lot. He cut up my seasonings and kept dishes washed. My oldest daughter baked the ham and a corn casserole and brought over. Other than that, I cooked the rest.
Every year, we say I don't need to cook so much, but I try to make each of their favorites. To be honest too, it takes a lot, because we have a lot of guys in the family. Growing boys are hard to fill up-lol
I was able to send a few left overs home, with each of them, but it really wasn't that much left. I kept only enough for us today.
Our next bigger get together, instead of the usual New Years eve we are having Jan 7th, at my DH's parents old home place. We will have more people for that, but cooking won't all be on me. This is one of our days we all get together, twice a year. The other is the 4th of July when we BBQ. They play music at each of these and with 11 siblings, that all have grand kids, it is a lot of us.
I wish I had some photos to show you. I used to be called 'Flash bulb' by a friend because I took so many photos. I thought about getting my camera one time, when we sat down to eat, but didn't go get it so no photos. SIL was taking some, so maybe he will share.
Well, have a good day today Cuties and rest like I plan to do. X&O's Toogie


by graceandham 26 Dec 2016

I don't want any part of you to be tired at the end of today except your mousing wrist and your downloading finger! Maybe by next year, they can bring their favorite! I remember the year my mother told be she was cutting back on veggies (from 9) and desserts (from 3) to simplify. She asked what I had to have for it to be Christmas and I told her lima beans. What about the turkey? No. What about ham? No. What about Aunt Martha's Pecan Pie? etc. Rest, dear and make those pictures in your head again!

toogie by toogie 26 Dec 2016

A few of mine put in request, my son wanted a chocolate cake, one grandson wanted sweet potato casserole, another wanted rice dressing, while another 2 had to have meat loaves.
I cooked a stuffed roast, a turkey, besides the meat loaves, and my oldest daughter baked the ham and a corn casserole. Other than those 2 things, I cooked or baked the rest.
We had the green beans, coleslaw and also a cornbread dressing, because I just made a small rice dressing. The sweet potato casserole I mentioned, 2 pecan pies, a coconut and a chocolate pie. Then the pecan pralines, fudge and coconut balls.
I make my candies, cakes and pies 2 days before Christmas. The day before I do all the vegetables and Christmas day, the meats, dressings and casseroles. I got up at 5:30 and the last to leave, it was almost midnight. I slept until 8:30 this morning!-lol

toogie by toogie 26 Dec 2016

ps. What were some things you ate or cooked, for the Christmas feast?