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by twee ( edited 24 Dec 2016 ) 24 Dec 2016

Every year I try to paint a Christmas Card. Notice I said "try" well guess what, it happened. I finished my card and I'd like to post it and wish you all a Merry Christmas, with Peace, Hope, and Blessings Galore.


by tuross 24 May 2017

What a beautiful and inspirational painting. I hope it brought some joy and happy memories to your friend Glori.

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parkermom by parkermom 24 May 2017

I couldn't say it better.

by kustomkuddle 24 May 2017

Thank you for sharing this beautiful artwork. I needed the reminder as well. I'm sure your friend found comfort. Sending prayers her way as well. Deb from Mich

by twee 24 May 2017

Let me tell you the rest of the story. My dear friend Glori's husband passed away suddenly from a massive stroke. He never regained consciousness after the stroke. It was such a sad time. She had recently retired, they'd bought a retirement get away home, and had so many plans.

As I was contemplating what I could do to offer comfort I received the strongest impression that I should give the original painting to Glori, as a reminder that Ted was called home to be the hands to serve others in Heaven as he has always done here on earth and oneday soon they will be joined together again. I hope it gives her great comfort. It gave me a great sense of peace sharing it with her.

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jrob by jrob 24 May 2017

I know your beautiful gift gave her great comfort.

by Pittsc 27 Dec 2016

absolutely are very blessed with such a talent...May God bless and have a very Merry Christmas and happy new year.

by dee 27 Dec 2016

Thank you. Beautiful

by holly12 27 Dec 2016

Thank you & this is a beautiful card. Arlene

by airyfairy 27 Dec 2016

Thank you for your beautiful card.

by missqueenbee47 27 Dec 2016

Beautiful - I love the words. - Patricia

by jrob Moderator 27 Dec 2016

Prettiest one ever.

by hightechgrammy 27 Dec 2016

Twee, I wish I could buy your Christmas cards. This is just sooo beautiful and meaningful. Thank you for sharing.

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twee by twee 26 May 2017

What a lovely compliment. I've not printed them up, but may do so.

by scrappinhappie 26 Dec 2016


by katydid 26 Dec 2016

This is lovely!

by parkermom 26 Dec 2016

wow! that is beautiful, and the words are just what I needed today. I need to quit worrying about my things and just be His hands and His feet and His heart. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I envy your talent.

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twee by twee 26 May 2017

Yes wouldn't the world be a better place if we concentrated on serving Him and his people.

by lilylady 25 Dec 2016

Very Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas, Sandy

by jenne 25 Dec 2016

lovely, Merry Christmas to you also.

by zoefzoef 25 Dec 2016

Don't stop "trying", believe in yourself. It is a very nice card.
Merry Christmas

by dragonflyer 25 Dec 2016

Beautiful...Merry Christmas to you, too, Terri...

by pennifold 25 Dec 2016

Wow! Terri this is stunning you are so talented. I love the nail pierced hands, very moving and as they say a picture says a thousand words. Love o Chris

by gerryvb 25 Dec 2016

and a Merry Christmas to you too :)
The card is beautiful !!

by toogie 25 Dec 2016

Thank you and all the same to you.
This card of your work is beautiful! So meaningful,I love that you included the nail scared hands to remind us, of the price he paid. Absolutely great work!-Toogie

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twee by twee 26 May 2017

Thanks for your kind words

by marianb 25 Dec 2016

Beautiful! Merry Christmas..