by baydreamer 23 Dec 2016

A dear friend just lost her dog, after a horrific dog attack. She did everything to save her little Lily, but in the end nothing more could be done. I hope this brings her comfort.

Thanks for looking !


by bejoscha 26 Dec 2016

Beautiful. Nice idea to make this pillow for her

by bikerfeml 25 Dec 2016

It's beautiful. I'm sure your friend will treasure it always.

by zoefzoef 24 Dec 2016

I'm sure she will appreciate this lovely gift, it will give her comfort.

by lhart 24 Dec 2016

What a thoughtful friend you are, she's going to love it. Bring tissues!
Your design choice is perfect.

by lbrow 24 Dec 2016

This makes me sad. You have created a lovely momento for her/Lillian

by crazypatchmama 24 Dec 2016

What a lovely thought, your friend will be very touched with your gift for her.

by katydid 23 Dec 2016

Such a sweet friend to make this for her! I have so many pets" their name was" and each was dear to me. Kay

by orangetiger 23 Dec 2016

She is so lucky to have a friend like you. She will treasure this after she cries.

by lulu07 23 Dec 2016

This is very sweet of you to do, I'm sure she will appreciate the turned out beautiful.

by sandralane 23 Dec 2016

So thoughtful of you to do this for your friend. I am sure she shall treasure it always. Sandra.

by noah 23 Dec 2016

She will love it hugs

by basketkase 23 Dec 2016

What a beautiful tribute to Lily and bless you for making this for her "mom".....I can't imagine anything more horrific than to have to go through this with a pet......

by pennifold 23 Dec 2016

A lovely memento and your friend will treasure this. So kind of you to make it for her. Love Chris

by laurasomi 23 Dec 2016

That is sew thoughtful of you, very sweet.


by Smokey12 23 Dec 2016

Beautiful and such a sweet thought.

by sonjapotgieter 23 Dec 2016

Super Beautiful!!!Well done..Gorgeous

by dragonflyer 23 Dec 2016

How sweet...I am sure it will bring her some comfort...

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Dec 2016

Beautifully done. I am sure she is glad to have a friend like you and hope this gift will make the pain a little less.

by queenofhearts 23 Dec 2016

This is beautiful and you are a good friend to do this for someone who is hurting now. This will give her some comfort to know that you care.

by dailylaundry 23 Dec 2016

How sweet of you! I simply love your pillows - sweet talent! Merry Christmas!