by eyeztodiefor10 20 Dec 2016

Hello everyone. I haven't been here much lately. My hubby-to-be has a daughter and her 6 yr old son move in with us and it is a difficult life changer--at least for me. She's a good Mom and helps out in many ways but lately it seems like everything I say or do upsets her. Hubby-to-be wasn't there when she grew up- not full time anyway and he is bending over backwards now to make up for it. At 62 I thought we had a good life just the two of us but I've noticed he's grumpier than ever before and we don't talk like we used to. I miss him. Right now I'm sewing like a mad woman trying to get caught up on Christmas gifts for my own two grandsons My daughter-in-law asked me to make a memory quilt for my 11 yr old grandson from all the sport shirts and favorite shirts he has had through elementary school. I've been working on it for months and both the top and back are from his clothing plus fabric from things I've made for him since he was born. This is the first two sided quilt I've ever done and it's more difficult to quilt on my little sewing machine. I have arthritis tendonitis and carpal tunnel in both wrists and now it is winter and cold and both hand swell up to twice their normal size every morning when I wake up so it takes awhile for them to move every day.It is so nice to come back here and see so many familiar names and read all the posts again. I guess they say everyone goes home for Christmas and I feel like this is my home too and has been for many years. I doubt there will ever be a designs by cuties again but I'm very glad to see some of the fellow cuties that have stuck it out for so long. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas as many of you say. May God be with all of you as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.


by lbrow 20 Dec 2016

Just keep on being your own sweet self, no matter what is said or not said. BE YOURSELF. I know it can be hard but if you don't change then maybe she will. Love her little one like you do your own. Years ago when I worked in a sewing plant I had to get up early just to soak my hands in real hot water to get stiffness from hands , fingers and wrists. This helped with the swelling because after soaking I could exercise them and that helped with the swelling. Try if you haven't already Know what you mean about this feeling like home. It's that way for me also. Anyway, welcome home and may the sweet spirit of Christmas abound in your home even of it dwells only in you, it will spread/Lillian

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eyeztodiefor10 by eyeztodiefor10 20 Dec 2016

Thank you Lillian.I'm tired of being the door mat. I spent over 23 years with a man who made me believe I was stupid and ignorant so I have some experience with biting my tongue. But you are right. I do love her little one but I refuse to take his lack of respect and I tell him which upsets her. I refused to LET my own children treat me the way their father did and I won't allow him to do the same thing to me no matter what she says. He really is a good boy and he pushes his Moms buttons as much and as often as he can. We see it when she doesn't. I've gotten to the point where I'm ready to just leave it in Gods hands but I have trouble keeping quiet on this. Thank you for your good and honest advice.I think he's beginning to realize it is harder to get away with being naughty just by saying I love you. We both picked up on that one really quickly.Thank you for sharing your own Christmas Spirit. Maybe I'll find it after all!

by dragonflyer 20 Dec 2016

Glad you could pop in and say hello...I hope things settle out for you...wishing you all a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas...

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eyeztodiefor10 by eyeztodiefor10 20 Dec 2016

Thank you dragonflyer. I had forgotten how kind and understanding my Cute family is. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

by jrob Moderator 20 Dec 2016

Our seasons in life constantly change, sometimes better and sometimes just different.
It's good to hear from you again Meri and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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eyeztodiefor10 by eyeztodiefor10 20 Dec 2016

Nice to see you too! I see you are still a moderator! I try to go with the flow since I hit 60 but some days are harder than others. I'm hoping the wonderful Spirit of Christmas slips back into my heart again. I really need some!

by asterixsew Moderator 20 Dec 2016

Lovely to see a post from you after so long. Do you still have time to use your embroidery machine as you sound v busy?