by kathymourie 19 Dec 2016

I need prayers from the great Cuties. I have a great grandson born on 11/28/16. He was early only waited 2.1 lbs. He was progressing good, but yesterday he had a set back. The only way I know any thing about Malachi is my Grandson posts on Face Book. That is a really long story. It doesn't stop me from loving them. Please keep both Malachi and his parents in your prayers.

Thank you,


by airyfairy 21 Dec 2016

You are in my thoughts having gone through a similar experience.

by kathymourie 21 Dec 2016

I sent a pm to my Grandson, Ryan, yesterday. Malachi is fighting a bacterial infection.
Thank you so much for all the prayers.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 21 Dec 2016

Keep us posted please.

kathymourie by kathymourie 21 Dec 2016

I will.
Thank you

by designgirl 20 Dec 2016

Prayers being sent their way.

by babash 20 Dec 2016

Please take heart in the fact that medical science has come a long way and these little ones have a much better chance than years ago.
I will pray for you and your Grand son that the rift in your relationship heals soon as he needs your love now more than ever.

by lbrow 20 Dec 2016

Just keep praying Kathy and we will help. Christmas is a magical time and God has a way of working things out in His own time. Thank you for asking for prayers/Lillian

by momofeight 20 Dec 2016

Malachi is in my prayers and for the healing in the family

by jrob Moderator 20 Dec 2016

I've prayed for that sweet gift of life and for your fractured heart. When our family fractures, we loose that firm foundation that gives us peace and I pray fervently that yours is restored and that one day soon you will be able to hold a squirmy little boy and tell him how relieved you are that he was so strong and so loved.

by cfidl 20 Dec 2016

prayers for you and Malachi.

by pennifold 20 Dec 2016

My heart aches for you Kathy and I feel your pain and know what you are experiencing. May this dear little boy grow in strength day by day and prayers for you all to reconnect. Love and prayers Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 19 Dec 2016

Malachi is lifted up in prayer

by PeggyJ 19 Dec 2016

You are included. Be at peace.

by graceandham 19 Dec 2016

I will be praying for your little one in the weeks ahead.

by dragonflyer 19 Dec 2016

So hope little Malachi will grow stronger with every day and that he will grow up strong, healthy and happy...I hope that you and your grandson are able to put the past in the past and move forward together.

by toogie 19 Dec 2016

Oh Kathy, my heart goes out to you and my prayers go to Him, that knows all. It tears our heart, every time one of ours or us, are hurting. Peace be with you and yours-Toogie

by claudenicolas 19 Dec 2016

It is too sad, all my toughts are with you

by zoefzoef 19 Dec 2016

oh dear, of course prayers are send over to the little guy and his whole family.

by 02kar Moderator 19 Dec 2016

My heart is breaking for you and your family. I know the heart heartbreak of a premature baby in the family. My prayers are going up for you all. And that includes healing for you and your grandson. Don't hesitate to keep asking for prayers.