by rescuer Moderator 16 Dec 2016

I love Cute and the sister websites! They are my first choice for so many reasons (not just that I moderate here). ;)

Sometimes, for various reasons, I have to go elsewhere for a design. After browsing many different embroidery websites, I have found that the websites I like best are the sites with the most lenient rules for editing their designs. I also like reasonably priced items -- $30-$60+ per design is just too much for me to even think about buying it. Maybe when "my ship comes in" I will shop without regard to price, but I doubt it. Many websites are so restrictive about their designs, they will not even allow color changes (which may be due to the artists' restrictions) or removal of an item (even a small one) that just does not fit my project. Some of those same websites will not allow combining of designs. For me, some of the fun and creativity of embroidery is creating a scene or stitching a design with special colors or anything that will make it unique.
I am thankful there are so many websites with so many choices...but I am most thankful for the ones that give me freedom to create!


by basketkase 17 Dec 2016

Oh, amen, rescuer!! I think most people know I encourage creativity in all aspects of art.......always thrilled to see what others can create with designs of all of us who encourage it.......Keep the creative juices flowing!!

by PeggyJ 17 Dec 2016

Thank you for this information. Agree with the comments of other Cuties.

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by gerryvb edited 17 Dec 2016

I do love to be here at nr. 1 site: Cute !!
Some sites even like our creativity. I have to say the Site Urban Threads even made me a compliment when I showed them I changed their design: Death to Caffeine into "but in the evening I drink caffeine" and asked me permission to post it in their gallery. I liked their response :)

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Dec 2016

Urban Threads and Embroidery Library -- inspiring creativity all the time! I am glad they posted your work. You are very talented!
I do love looking through the Projects here. There are days when the creative juices flow and the Projects tab is filled with new and very creative works of art! I love those days as they inspire me to turn on my embroidery machine and listen to it hum.
Life is good!

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by rescuer Moderator edited 17 Dec 2016

In order to help sewmadau and any other Cuties have not seen restrictive policies, I added some links here. These are not the most restrictive I have seen, just average embroidery site restrictions. There are many more sites that have greater restrictions...but these are websites visited by most Cuties and everyone should know the rules for any site they visit.

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sewtired by sewtired 17 Dec 2016

Good information. Thank you.

by sewmadau 16 Dec 2016

I have never come across a digitiser that does not allow colour change. The only stipulation is no sharing and that is fair enough.

by pacmp 16 Dec 2016

I can not tell you just how much I agree! The few horror stories of trying to get permission! The picture of the difficult artist comes to mind when I think of the feedback I had received. Not all are willing to help make a simple change. If they had been willing, I probably would spend more of my embroidery dollars at their sites especially as one does really beautiful work... I do not like stitching in a straight jacket or with a noose around my neck. No thank you. Pam

by graceandham 16 Dec 2016

I agree. I also resent a very expensive set that says I cannot sell any of the stitchouts ever, even in a craft show. What did they think I spent that $80 for, to stitch out 1 or 2 for my little family? I think they need to sell designs only individually and not in pricey sets if they feel that strongly about them only being for the family hobbyist/grandma! Get real folks!

by 02kar Moderator 16 Dec 2016

I totally agree with you. I love the quality of a design and know with the Cute designs, that is what I will get. You have given us a great lesson on why we should be checking the Terms and Conditions of all websites from which we purchase or DL free designs

by jrob Moderator 16 Dec 2016

I totally agree. I have been known to write to the owner or designer, if it's a different person, and ask permission to make a change. I have found if I explain my reason, most of them are willing to allow partial changes. The ones who are most strict and don't want their name associated with a design that they didn't have complete control over will make the change for me and I can give them the credit as usual on my item.

by ansienaude 16 Dec 2016

i am not capable to design but the joy of embroidery is just the freedom of livinging it out to enjoy the play of colour and texture and that is why some designs to not have the same atraction because of restrictions but i do enjoy my embroidery best stress reliever ever.....enjoy

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Dec 2016

I am with you. I will not buy from anyone that does not let me do color changes or combine. I also have my favorite sites I go too because they are more lenient and I do not have to worry about little changes. I recently received a gift of a CD which was very expensive (in my eyes). So sad because I doubt I will use it because it was extremely restrictive.