by babash 15 Dec 2016

I bought a 6 month subscription to the sister site Amazing Embroidery designs on the 24th of November and notice that the designs have not changed since then.

That is 3 weeks with no new designs being added. I have sent them a ticket to query but just got an automated reply that they will get back to me. How often are designs added? does anyone here know?


by dragonflyer 17 Dec 2016

New Santa designs and more peacocks have just been put up today at Amazing Embroidery Designs...

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babash by babash 17 Dec 2016

Thanks dragonflyer.

by jrob Moderator 16 Dec 2016

If you've never purchased one before the price you paid for the 6 month subscription was for 4,180 designs. It comes to .0083 cents per design. Not a bad price.
If you have already downloaded all of the designs on the site, some of us switch every 6 months with our subscriptions here and then there.

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babash by babash 16 Dec 2016

I have purchased from them before so not interested in downloading 4,180 designs. No one wants every design. Just stating I would expect designs to be done at least weekly.

by babash 16 Dec 2016

Thanks Crafter2243 for your reply. I am not impressed as 1 month of a 6 month subscription has almost been used up.

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Dec 2016

The ticket part is not working right now. Just thought I let you know so you do not think you are being ignored. As far as new designs they often come in bundles. Not one at the time.