by sdrise 11 Dec 2016

Hello Friends... I need some prayers for Scooter our swimmers Syndrome kitten... He is walking running and jumping and doing well.. Someone stepped on him yesterday by accident. I rushed him to the vets. His pelvis is fractured and his leg popped out of the hip joint.I had to leave him at the vets over the weekend.

They are sedating him and popping his leg back in the hip joint. They are hoping it holds otherwise he will need expensive surgery. The fractured pelvis should heal on it's own..
I worked so hard and for so many hours to get him to walk now this. He has had a lot to deal with in his 12 weeks... I am so upset about all this.
Please pray he is alright and does not need surgery.
Thank you all!! Suzanne


by Sewmum1 14 Dec 2016

So sorry to hear about Scooter, You must be beside yourself with worry. Praying for the strength you need to help him get through this. he is such a little battler I hope he can come through this without too many long term problems

by lbrow 14 Dec 2016

God sees the sparrow fall, I know that he sees and know little scooter and Hears our prayersscooter is definitely a fighter. I pray he will soon begetter/Lillian

by sdrise 13 Dec 2016

Update on Scooter. Doc was able to pop his leg back into the hip under anesthesia .. he has a sling on . His leg is under his belly bound up in a bandage.. Scooter needs cage rest in a small cage to heal his pelvis. In 10 days I bring him back to the vets to be knocked out again for another x--ray and they will change the bandage. Hopefully his leg will stay in the socket. We are taking it 10 days at a time. He is home here in a cage and very uncomfortable. Poor baby... I feel bad but so far so good. Hopefully he will heal fine.
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. He still need them but doing better.
Thanks all! Suzanne

meganne by meganne 13 Dec 2016

Still praying for the little battler, tears won't stop now reading this after reading Michelle and Jerri's posts and feeling so gut kicked by all the sad news.

sdrise by sdrise 13 Dec 2016

Thank you! It is difficult time of the year for a lot of folks. Tears means you have a good heart and care. Prayers for you all too.

by sewntrouble 12 Dec 2016

Sending up a pray for this sweet little kitten.

by meganne 12 Dec 2016

Praying for poor little Scooter, I hate seeing or hearing of animals in pain and hurting. God bless you for caring so much for him, if he gets through this he is truly blessed. Shedding a few tears here and sending the Angel of God's Creatures to watch over him.

by 02kar Moderator 11 Dec 2016

I've been praying for our Scooter and the staff working to get him healed. Don't lose hope. Remember he is our latest miracle kitten.

by basketkase 11 Dec 2016

Oh, Suzanne, how tragic........will send prayers for Scooter and for you ...
the animal guardian angels are on their way!!!

by airyfairy 11 Dec 2016

Poor little chap. Thinking of you Suzanne no Scooter.

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Dec 2016

Poor little scooter. I hope he will recuperate fast and not need the operation.