by peafarm 02 Dec 2016

I just wanted to say that I am trying to go back and look through all the embroidery, crafts and comments as I can. I am terribly sorry to have not made a comment but for lack of time. I have, however, given everyone flowers as I can view them. Everyone has such wonderful and creative projects going--I've been working on lots of American Girl doll projects for my 9 y/o granddaughter for Christmas gifts and finally I can say I am through with her things. I forget to take pictures and post them--will have a couple to post--am now trying to finish my brand new great-granddaughter's baby block toy and a Christmas stocking for her--her quilt will not get done before Christmas. And then there is her 21/2 y/o sister to think about. I am not a person with much energy and have to do things while in the mood as I tire easily. I did get a new machine today---gift to myself--DH does not know yet. Babylock Flourish Embroider only machine--maybe now I can take a machine to club that I can actually lift up and carry. I sneaked it upstairs all by myself today. We'll see what happens when the fat hits the fan.


by 02kar Moderator 02 Dec 2016

Congrats on your new Baby. I love Babylock machines. I had better. I have 4 of them. You enjoy that new machine and take it to your club as often as you can manage. And every gift you make is a treasure. Don't stop spreading joy.

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toogie by toogie 03 Dec 2016

Amen Karen!

by dragonflyer 02 Dec 2016

Well, sorry to hear you are a bit behind in your gifts, but very excited to hear about your new BabyLock Flourish...I have not seen it yet, but will go look it up...I love my BabyLock Ellisimo Gold and know you will have many happy hours stitching away with your new "Baby"...Hopefully, when the "fat hits the fan" it will be along with some yummy Bacon...everything goes better with Bacon! I am sure your DH will be filled with pride when he sees all of the wonderful things you will create...Congratulations and can't wait to see some of your new things! P.S. how long do you think it will take him to know you have a new machine?

toogie by toogie 02 Dec 2016


peafarm by peafarm 02 Dec 2016

Probably won't take long=I set it up on a small Lifetime table right smack next to the table my Ellisimo Gold is on. It came with a plastic cover so today I hooked the embroidery unit on and just covered it with a towel until I start reading the instructions for it. Didn't come with anything other than little snap plastic pouch for accessories, books, cord and hoops. Will have to make a ITH zipper pouch for the small goodies and a tote labeled Flourish. I am sorry Kim for not getting the little penguin stitched out yet. I have the fabrics in a zip lock bag ready but seems these auctions and grands have other things to get done for them.

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Dec 2016

I am sorry that I laughed at your "hit the fan" comment. I remember those days, but should he really react not too kindly then remember that he is with you. I no longer have to hide my purchases but I would give anything to have my husband back at my side. Unfortunately God thought different and took him from me.
Enjoy your new machine. I hope she will bring you many hours of happy stitching.

PS. I can not leave comments on every project, but give flowers also to each and everyone.

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peafarm by peafarm 02 Dec 2016

Yes, I know I'd miss him for sure but he sure aggravates me. Who else will get my precious saved money. I want to enjoy some of it.

by toogie 02 Dec 2016

I totally understand how you feel. I can't seem to get back into sewing, especially for my Christmas. I need to make 2 new stockings for the 2 new babies. Also a taggie for my SIL's g-grand. I stayed most of the day yesterday in my sewing room doing prayer quilts for church . I did get 13 embroidered, so now that is done, maybe I can get to mine. I am anxious to see what you've made for the AG doll and also your new machine. What is your size emb field?

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peafarm by peafarm 02 Dec 2016

This machine is embroidery only--one I can actually pick up and carry around so will take to club meetings. It comes with a 5 x 7 and 6 1/4 x 10 1/4 hoops--Optional small, 4x4 and 6 x 6--I already have those with the Ellisimo Gold and was told they'd fit this machine also. Store owner gave me 25% off-said she knows prices with Babylocks are going up. Also got a $25.00 coupon on receipt good for a year to purchase anything to do with the machine. Less than $3,000.00.

by sandralane 02 Dec 2016

Oh I am sure the fat won't hit the fan as you say, It is nice to spoil yourself once in a while, you deserve it. I hope you master your new machine quickly and we see some lovely projects from you in time. A busy time of the year for all, and no doubt everyone is stitching away to be ready for christmas time. You shall finish your granddaughters and great granddaughters things in time, just rest between and take care of your self. Sandra.

peafarm by peafarm 02 Dec 2016

Thanks Sandra-yes, gift to myself. He actually thinks this all is a waste and that people think when I make them gifts for them they are cheap---his words. I have pride in my work and just love sewing for self, grands and charity. In my county I am one of the go to people for pattern idea's, sewing projects, fund raisers etc. It is NOT cheap to make anything these days.

toogie by toogie 03 Dec 2016

You are correct in saying not cheap to make anything these days. Fabric, threads,stabilizers not to mention the cost of a machine. .......Maybe DH only appreciates something you pay a lot for, so there's your opening to tell him how much you paid for your 'cheap' machine!!!