by sewdoctor 29 Nov 2016

I know there was a site that gave away the Applique outlines of the states...I am sure I have them somewhere, but I can't find them....does anyone know which site it was. I know it was from quite a while ago.


by arisann 02 Mar 2017

Was it SewForum?

by sewdoctor 27 Feb 2017

I posted this, and then couldn't find it later.....Thank you to all that posted links or just tried to help, I found what I needed!

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by sewfrenzie edited 04 Dec 2016

Once you log in scroll down to free designs and select it, than type in state outlines. Now look through the list for the subject title "Corrected Outline Maps of States of the USA" select it and go to the first page.
Are these the ones you are looking for?

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sewtired by sewtired 28 Feb 2017

Thanks for this information.

by greysewist Moderator 04 Dec 2016

Nancy at EmbroideryIt has some coaster style ones.

by Zinobia 01 Dec 2016

If I am not mistaken it was skeledale house designs website of Missi Robins

by sandralane 01 Dec 2016

EmbroideryI has some.

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sandralane by sandralane 01 Dec 2016

sorry Embroidery It

by toogie 01 Dec 2016

Sew Forum has them!

by jrob Moderator 29 Nov 2016

Applique Momma