by twee 29 Nov 2016

I'm considering a new/different digitizing software. The Bernina upgrades are expensive and too often for my budget. I am wondering about the Floriana? Does anyone use it? Also will embrillance work with a Bernina machine? I understand Wilcom has a software that is good. I'd like to get away from buying an upgrade every year or two. Love your feedback, please.


by hightechgrammy 03 Feb 2017

I, too, am looking for the best software for me I'm thinking it may be Embrillience . You don't have to purchase all the different packages at once. There is a sale going on now, I don't know how long. It also has a special free standing lace, FSL feature. It doesn't have photo stitch yeti which is a disappointment for now. I'm sure it will be available in in the future as another element for the program.
Do any of you use Embrilliance?

by 2newbie 11 Dec 2016

by 2newbie 19:39 Edit
hi I have florani software it was an expense but free updates and nobody mention free monthly designs. Plus free monthly designs from previous years :-)

by katydid 29 Nov 2016

Terri, I love my Bernina! I opt to keep my older Bernina machines and try to keep up with Bernina software. However, I have version 7 designer plus and have not yet up graded to Ver 8 software. I live on Social Security and small pension and can no longer buy the latest embroidery machine even with 5 years financing. Which Bernina software do you have now? Kay

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twee by twee 30 Nov 2016

I have V7 and am not sure I want to upgrade to V8. I too am living on SS and a small retirement, so I have to be more cautious with my spending.

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by dragonflyer edited 29 Nov 2016

I use Janome MBX mostly, but have Palette 9 (which I do not like at all)...I also have Embird Basic with their Iconizer. I have used Floriani which is a fantastic program, but pricey! Embird and Floriani do not charge for upgrades which is a huge plus. I have spent more to upgrade my Janome than I would have to outright purchase either Embird's entire package or Floriani software. Although Embird has many tutorials available, the support and ongoing training that Floriani offers is in my opinion unmatched by any other. I love the Embird Basic and could not be without Iconizer...but I do believe Floriani digitizing software is extremely user friendly, support and training is fantastic and free upgrades make it worth the cost. Floriani is constantly updating and improving and adding new digitizing options to their software and really do take suggestions from their users and try to implement the requests into their software. Although I do like the Janome MBX, I would not purchase it if I were to have the option to start again...Wilcom makes Janome software and they are basically "sister" programs...would not purchase Wilcom either....good luck and keep us posted!

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twee by twee 30 Nov 2016

Thanks very helpful.

by meganne 29 Nov 2016

Terri, I can and always have recommended Embird as the most reasonably priced, best supported, (digitising) program I have ever used.
But like most programs it does not create ART format, this is because, as unfair as it is, ART is owned, copyrighted and totally protected for use and creation ONLY with Bernina software.

You can download the FULL (but saving restricted) version of Embird for a 30 day trial and then purchase the license to unlock each module as and when you decide to proceed.

Most of the upgrades are free, though sometimes they might charge a whopping $15 (LOL!) for a particularly comprehensive program upgrade.
If you download and purchase the separate Module Licenses through Secrets of Embroidery you will also earn Secrets dollars to deduct off the cost of the next module you purchase, and you'll also get a bonus design sampler (30+ designs) when you spend over $35.

the first Module you must purchase is Basic Embird which contains the Manager Module and the Editing Module and while neither module is actually for digitising you can, in Editor, combine designs resize, rotate, mirror image, copy, paste change hoops change formats and add or remove individual stitches from designs, which is great practice for digitising.
Manager does what it sounds like, opens, edit and saves colour files and palettes, recolours, prints, outputs designs to various machine media, creates images, animated gifs, screen savers and auto designs from Windows Metafile images, etc.
Considering everything Embird does it is way cheaper than it should be and once you have it you will only need to use your Bernina software to convert designs to Art and transfer them to your machine's media

Hope this helps, hugs n much love, Meg

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twee by twee 30 Nov 2016

I will look into the Embrid, thanks for the helpful info. How are you doing these days. I made it back to AU in June of last year, 4 days in Brisbane and 5 in Sydney. We went to the Vivid light shows. They were spectacular. We're hunkered down in the US now, and loving life at home.

by graceandham 29 Nov 2016

I can't say enough nice about Floriani. Hefty entry price, but no charge for any updates or upgrades ever. Upgrades occur often and have been phenomenal. You can reduce the price greatly by purchasing at an event, if one comes to your area. Can you tell - I am sold on it!

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twee by twee 30 Nov 2016

Give me a ball park figure for the Floriani. I'm liking what I hear about it. We have a big long arm, sewing expo in May. I'll look for it there.

by mrskiki 29 Nov 2016

Yes, Embrilliance will work with any brand of machine. But it cannot put out ART format, so as mops said you will need to keep your Bernina software for conversion. Embrilliance works very well and you can buy modules as you want/need/can afford. Also great customer service. Hugs. Nan W

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twee by twee 30 Nov 2016

Thanks for the help.

by mops Moderator 29 Nov 2016

The only problem is that Bernina is the only software that offers ART. So you should hang on to your version of it if only for conversion purposes..
I do not know either Wilcom or Floriani, but read good comments about them.
I have 6D - which has the same problem: very expensive upgrades - Embird which I use most often and Brother's PED Basic that's only a reader/writer for the almost archaic cards my 190D still uses. And the free Wilcom Truesizer is downloaded as well - I use that to help when I get a question about it. If that's anything to go by the quality of there software must be very good and consumer friendly.

mops by mops 29 Nov 2016

Oops - their software, not there.

twee by twee 30 Nov 2016

I appreciate all the help.

2newbie by 2newbie 11 Dec 2016

hi I have florani software it was an expense but free updates and nobody mention free monthly designs. Plus free monthly designs from previous years.

elizabethak by elizabethak 16 May 2018

I have Bernina V6 and also complain about the cost of upgrading. What I have only works on Windows7 and very slow at that. To upgrade would cost me over $1000. So what's is the solution? I've given up the idea of digitizing as the cost is too prohibitive. It'll work out cheaper for me to get someone to do it for me.