by clintonmiss22 27 Nov 2016

Is there a way to find old entries about a topic? I've decided to finally get some new software and would like to read about the pros and cons that cuties have offered in earlier chats. THanks for any help with this.


by Sewmum1 28 Nov 2016

I read through the digitising section a while back as there are not as many pages compared to the embroidery or chat sections. You will find some good information there even though some is for some now older software.

by mops Moderator 28 Nov 2016

I would expect all questions about software would have been posted in the embroidery or the digitising section. Unfortunately you will find them in chat as well, so you might have to look through more than one section.

by pennifold 28 Nov 2016

When I want to find something specific I go to Google search type in, say for example, IN THE HOOP (ITH) projects Cute Embroidery and click go and a number of posts come up . Click on anything that has Cute Embroidery in the heading. I do this when locating anything! Good luck with it all love ❤️ Chris

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Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 28 Nov 2016

I do this too. Found some really great topics and ideas this way

by dragonflyer 27 Nov 2016

If you are looking for digitizing software, I would also check the Digitizing section...or if all else fails...ask again ... :)

by katydid 27 Nov 2016

I don't have a clue. Perhaps some one can help you. If not ,just ask your questions again. Kay