by asterixsew Moderator 19 Nov 2016

I have seen some beautiful fabric that is suitable for making bags. BUT the fabric has some finish added to it. There is a faint wax smell and the fabric has a slightly stiff feel. Ideas as to why I shouldn't get this fabric, has anyone sewn with fabric with a finish? I am a little reluctant to buy but am willing to heed advice from Cuties. Its too late to rush round the corner to buy today as the shop has just shut for the weekend. Flowers and thanks to all who rely


by sewmom 20 Nov 2016

I"m going to guess that it might be like sewing on vinyl. Here's a tutorial that might help.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Nov 2016

Thanks but its not a vinyl fabric. When I have finished the current projects I will buy some and see what happens.

by my3chis 20 Nov 2016

I've used heavy cotton dropcloth that sounds like that, it stitch's great but it ruined my iron even after washing it.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Nov 2016

Not heard of dropcloth so must look it up on the iternet

by katydid 20 Nov 2016

just buy a small amount and see if it works before you make a major purchase. Kay

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asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Nov 2016

Thanks Kay

by greysewist Moderator 19 Nov 2016

I'm probably not as particular as many, but I do like a stiff kind of fabric for bags, so if it seemed sturdy enough, I would probably give it a go and hope for the best, but would make sure I prewashed it. The project I use it for may well change one I have it home and washed :) Sometimes there are samples sewn up of particular fabrics in a store or the assistant/cashier may have knowledge of it if you ask.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Nov 2016

Its just a very small shop and no samples of anything sewn up.

by bevintex 19 Nov 2016

did you check on the bolt end for contents of the fabric? It should have what it is made of or treated with. Or ask the fabric shop owner for the info

asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Nov 2016

Bev I checked the end of the roll and there was nothing. The shop doesn't know what it is

spendlove by spendlove 21 Nov 2016

Don't you just love it when the shop doesn't know what it is selling? It happens a lot over this side of the country!

by babash 19 Nov 2016

Can you get a sample piece or if not the smallest cut they will do. Here some places will cut you 10cm. If the shop thinks their product is good they may even give you a bit to play with to see if it stitches ok or can be rinsed to get rid of the smell.
A lot of clothes are treated for shipping so they don't go mouldy in the containers could be a similar process with the fabric. If you can't wash it and it has that new carpet smell give it a miss as the smell lasts a long time.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Nov 2016

There is a faint waxy smell only. Thanks for the other comments

by Sewmum1 19 Nov 2016

I agree with what has already been said. The only thing I would add is to check if the coating is likely to rub off onto clothing or your machine.

I bought some fabric a while back and the dye came off onto my machine, hands and anything else it came into contact with and this was after it had already been pre washed! It would be a shame to spend time creating and money on the fabric if it causes problems. Making a zip purse as a test is a great idea

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asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Nov 2016

The fabric is unbleached and what ever is on the fabric is not as a coating but impregnated

by sandralane 19 Nov 2016

I would steer clear if in doubt, you would not want to damage your machine in any way, they cost far too much to buy and repair. Just for the sake of a nice oiece of material. Sandra.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Nov 2016

Thanks this is a excellent comment

by AuntAnnie 19 Nov 2016

I purchased some Christmas fabric that sounds similar to what you describe. It stuck to the metal foot so badly that I ended up purchasing a Teflon foot in order to sew with it. I'm ready now...!

asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Nov 2016

Have you used the foot yet

AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 20 Nov 2016

Yes! It worked perfectly on that sticky fabric. I have since used the Teflon foot on vinyl so the purchase was a wise choice.

by pennyhal2 19 Nov 2016

Gosh, I wouldn't buy it simply because it sounds like it would be too fussy for me and my machine to work with. If possible, I'd buy a small amount and make a little zipper purse to try it out. Could this fabric possibly be oil cloth?

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asterixsew by asterixsew 19 Nov 2016

Thanks for answering. Now I'm in the UK and I wouldn't call it oilcloth but it has had something impregnated into it