by baydreamer 17 Nov 2016

I am watching a movie called the 12 Dogs of Christmas

and there is a song.....
On the ______ day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
A Poodle in a doghouse
2 St. Bernards
3 Cocker Spaniels
4 Basset Hounds
5 Golden Retrievers
6 Boxers Boxing
7 Huskies Howling
8 Sheepdogs snoring
9 Chihuahuas chomping
10 Dalmatians dancing
11 Labs a laughing

The link below is another version.

Enjoy all the animals lovers!


by greysewist Moderator 18 Nov 2016

I think it should have been greyhounds snoring -I'm sure they'd do it much more than sheepdogs :) Thanks for the entertainment!

by noah 18 Nov 2016

thanks for my big smile hugs Carolyn