by graceandham 01 Nov 2016

First time since recording began that it has been in the nineties (temperature) in Montgomery, Alabama in November. Unbelievable! We are still badly droughted here, too, so keep praying. People here are losing lots of their azaleas that have been in their yards 30 years or more! (Also, lots of trees showing lack of water.)


by lbrow 02 Nov 2016

Same here, no rain since July. I am only 90 miles North of you(I think)

by cj2sew 01 Nov 2016

Live in lower Alabama. Got a trace of rain 2 weeks ago. We have a well so I run the hose to my bushes and trees. Best investment I ever made.

by katydid 01 Nov 2016

Yes, we have no rain here in GA. also. It has been weeks. I think I lost my lilac bush and oak leaf hydrangea. They are sick looking. i am still running my air conditioner. Kay

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lbrow by lbrow 02 Nov 2016

Me too Kay

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Nov 2016

I know what you mean. I was shocked to see so many trees dying here in California. The lack of water makes them more susceptible to diseases.

by graceandham 01 Nov 2016

P.S. Took machine to shop for fifth time in two weeks today, and I believe we have finally gotten to the root cause of all the tension issues: there was almost no tension on a spring involved in the upper tension. The acid test - Thursday I will be attempting FSL again!

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 01 Nov 2016

Keeping ,my fingers crossed.