by awesome1 28 Oct 2016

Six tiny crosses that will go into Xmas cards--fsl with varigated metallic thread--except the one at the top is flipped. Question: when using metallicc for fsl, what is usually put on the bobbin for the back of the work? I used a varigated yellow rayon, it doesn't look too bad, but was wondering as I have many metallic colors. These crosses are a segment of the free rosary offered by that someone mentioned here the other day.


by pldc 01 Nov 2016

very pretty, I agree with Carolyn same top & bottom

by cfidl 30 Oct 2016

Whatever works for the bobbin thread. That is my motto! Love these pieces.

by marianb 29 Oct 2016

Fabulous.. I haven't seen variegated metallic before will have to check my colour chart..

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awesome1 by awesome1 29 Oct 2016

Thank you. It doesn't appear so in the photo, but it really sparkles--my fave metallic.

by Sewmum1 29 Oct 2016

These are pretty, I made some verigated ones from yoriko's site but haven't tried metallic thread yet.

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awesome1 by awesome1 29 Oct 2016

Thank you!

by dragonflyer 28 Oct 2016

Beautifully done...

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awesome1 by awesome1 29 Oct 2016

I think I will ''chop'' down to just the cross and do a few of those.

by graceandham 28 Oct 2016

I like your variegated solution.

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awesome1 by awesome1 29 Oct 2016

I think it worked best for my Babylock. I tried the metallic in the bobbin yesterday p.m. and tangled, cut, removed the needle plate 4 times! Will just try to match this thread with the vari rayon from now on. Maybe give a go in my will drive thru mud!

by sandralane 28 Oct 2016

Thanks for sharing with us, great work. Sandra.

by gerryvb 28 Oct 2016

they are lovely, great idea to use part of the rosary!

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awesome1 by awesome1 29 Oct 2016

Thx--I often use only parts of a design, but it is only for me so I hope designers don't mind.

by noah 28 Oct 2016

I use same thread top and bottom **they look cool

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awesome1 by awesome1 28 Oct 2016

thanks, I think I will try next ones with gold metallic top and bottom.

by laffma1 28 Oct 2016

These are awesome!! They will be a terrific addition to your holiday greeting cards.

laffma1 by laffma1 28 Oct 2016

When doing FSL, I use the same thread in the bobbin as is used for the top thread. Doesn't matter what type, be it rayon, polyester, or metallic - always use the same.

awesome1 by awesome1 28 Oct 2016

thank you--I have never put metalliic on bobbins, so I didn't know how it would stitch. Good to know before experimenting and perhaps damaging machine?!