by peafarm 27 Oct 2016

Sister's cut off denim pant material went into an AG doll outfit. Used scraps for everything. Skirt design by me, no pattern. White eyelet trim given to me and turned into a gathered skirt with 2 layers of tulle underneath. After the picture I decided to add a little tulle rosette with with ribbon bow to lower right hand side. The white eyelet skirt in the AG doll book was very expensive so I saved a bundle.


by jrob Moderator 30 Oct 2016

I do believe you could cloth the children of the world! Beautiful job.

by pldc 30 Oct 2016

well done on everything! ~hugs~

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Oct 2016

Just love your descriptions of your lovely work

by noah 28 Oct 2016

love-them you have done a great job Mrs. Pea Farmer***hugs

by spendlove Moderator 28 Oct 2016

Lovely. I used to make loads of dolls clothes, but no reason to do so now.
Thanks for reposting here.

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peafarm by peafarm 29 Oct 2016

Thank you Sue for removing my error--Just not thinking and haven't posted anything in a while. I forget about taking pictures but am not so active as all you ladies here on Cute site. My passion has always been sewing and since the 1990's machine embroidery but my energy levels stay very low. Thank you again.

by Sewmum1 28 Oct 2016

Very cute. Great idea with the skirt

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Oct 2016

It is amazing what you can do with scraps.