by noah 26 Oct 2016

YESSSSSSSS i finally got to sew something I been so busy sewing for others no time for self****got a start on some Christmas towels I want to put a bottom of fabric on these yet but i just had to show you i am still alive WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY over here in Canada!!!LOL

Thanks for LQQKING!!!hugs Carolyn


by robertahilde 30 Oct 2016

Perfect designs for the occasion and so is the execution.
Keep up the good job Carolyn, love to see your work!

by designgirl 29 Oct 2016

I love these.

by airyfairy 29 Oct 2016

Lovely work Carolyn

1 comment
noah by noah 29 Oct 2016

thanks hugs

by anitas1403 29 Oct 2016

Where are the designs from?

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bevintex by bevintex 29 Oct 2016

get these at Julia's needle

by crazypatchmama 28 Oct 2016

Love the designs, yes, it is time to do some more sewing and embroidering:-) hugs,

by zoefzoef 28 Oct 2016

Carolyn these are very lovely designs !

by maisiebo 28 Oct 2016

Lovely designs they show up very nicely on your cream towels Hope your feeling a lot better and not doing to much hard work

by castor 28 Oct 2016

lovely and good for you we think of ourselves always last and mostly miss out

by katydid 27 Oct 2016

Nice work ! look great with gold on white. They look very familiar but I don't remember where they are from. Do you remember? Kay

by pldc 27 Oct 2016

I love the gold! they both look very fancy! well done my friend~hugs~

by eleen 27 Oct 2016

Love the designs you have used. Perfect for Christmas. Cannot believe it is just around the corner.

by grossfamilie 27 Oct 2016

Carolyn this is so very, very lovely and will be lovely gifts - maybe you do some for yourself as well? Just cute - thanks for sharing - Maria

by brendalea 27 Oct 2016

Very pretty, going to be very nice gifts. Thank you for sharing.
Happy Stitching!!!

by pennyhal2 27 Oct 2016

These designs are perfect for the towels! Thanks for showing the sizes too. There is something about single color designs that enjoy seeing. I've been looking for your projects for a while now and am glad that you've been busy stitching for others. However, it's nice to do something for ourselves every now and then so we can have pretty things too.

by holly12 27 Oct 2016

Love these towels and good you did it for yourself. Arlene

by rsloan 27 Oct 2016

These are beauties - and really don't even need fabric bottoms.

by sonjapotgieter 27 Oct 2016

Stunning!!!Great work

by peafarm 27 Oct 2016

Hey Carolyn----you are very much alive and good for you, sewing for self. I, too, have been much busy with auctions and then doll clothes for one of my granddaughters for Christmas. Trying to do a baby block and flannel quilt for a great-granddaughter that is due anytime. Althought, these will be for Christmas presents. I've been enjoying seeing everyone's projects but haven't been responding--just giving flowers to all. Your towels are great. Love that thick triple?? stitch on the scrolly parts.

by lidiad 27 Oct 2016

Nice to know that you are still alive, my friend :)
Love the designs you have chosen, they are festive and elegant.
Hugs, Lidia

by cfidl 27 Oct 2016

They are delightful for the holidays.

by jrob Moderator 27 Oct 2016

Really pretty, Carolyn. I love the mono-colored designs. They look so elegant.

by mechille 27 Oct 2016

These are really great Carolyn.... glad to hear from you.... is it snowing there yet? in the mid to high 80* here still....
I really like these designs... they are very pretty.

by dragonflyer 27 Oct 2016

These are beautiful, the way you placed them in the embossed border of the towels, too...really adds interest to the designs.

by basketkase 27 Oct 2016

I love these designs, Carolyn.......great choice and the color looks amazing on towels.......

by Ossineu 27 Oct 2016

They looks great. Wonderful designs. Well done😊
Hugs, Angelika

by sandralane 27 Oct 2016

They are lovely designed towels Carolyn, great job. Glad you have some me time at last, you are always busy. Sandra.

by grannycottage 27 Oct 2016

Nicely embroidered and beautiful designs.

by stella1 27 Oct 2016

Carolyn Looks absolute very nice and so beautiful Lovely designs Hugs Stella. Have been a good day

by justsew 27 Oct 2016

Wow , I love the simple but stunning design you have picked Carolyn.
Hugs Pam

by worthy 27 Oct 2016

Love Love Love them... Glad you found the ME time and well spent.

by pennifold 26 Oct 2016

Wow these are gorgeous Carolyn, I love them. So glad you got some ME time. Luv Chris

by bevintex 26 Oct 2016

I like these

by evilsoft 26 Oct 2016

Very pretty. When did you find the patterns? What does your bottom fabric look like?

by lbrow 26 Oct 2016

I love those designs Carolyn. Where did you get them.They sewed out so nicely/Lillian

by mlbell70 26 Oct 2016

very nice