by maisiebo 19 Oct 2016

I new if I searched hard enough I would find the sort of embroidery designs I had in mind only taken me all afternoon and evening to find what I wanted and they where a bargain price guess what I will be doing tomorrow?


by hightechgrammy 21 Oct 2016

Hi, I'd love to see what you found for those teen and twenties designs. I have 3 grandkids and it is so hard to make things for them.

by mechille 20 Oct 2016

Be sure and show us your work.... :)

by maisiebo 20 Oct 2016

The designs are for a bag for my nieces 19 year old daughter I wanted something suitable for that age might do the same design for my 20 year old granddaughter using different colours when finished I will post them in projects so I had better get started have a good day xxx

by airyfairy 20 Oct 2016

I always find that it takes longer to find a design than it does to sew. Looking forward to seeing what you are making

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maisiebo by maisiebo 20 Oct 2016

Yes took me nearly all day but so pleased I kept looking they are just what I had in mind and was a good price

by jrob Moderator 19 Oct 2016

Can't wait to see.

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maisiebo by maisiebo 20 Oct 2016

Will put them in projects when finished

by bevintex 19 Oct 2016

Show us your creations when done.

by graceandham 19 Oct 2016

Stitching up a storm and thinking happy thoughts!