by Abbygail 13 Oct 2016

So today while I was out doing my normal Thursday things .. this happened .Saw a couple of guys getting pizza out of a dumpster. I felt so horrible for them . One noticed me watching and ran off. The other one was wiping dirt off of the piece he was getting ready to eat so I asked him if it would be ok if I bought him a fresh pizza ..and he nodded and looked down at the ground . So I went into the pizza place and ordered a fresh pizza, while we were waiting I chatted with him and found out that they both are Vietnam Veterans (this fact just BREAKS my heart) . He took it and said thanks and he had the hugest smile and said my friends gonna be so happy and I heard him holler, for his friend ,that I've got a surprise for you. He went his way I went mine. I finished up what I was suppose to be doing and I tried to find them to give them more stuff that I had picked up at the store, but they had gone to their sleeping place I think. I feel so bad still that some of our Veterans are living like this. But the guys smile was so genuine that it warmed and hurt my heart all at the same time .. Sorry just had to share..


by maleah 15 Oct 2016

It is wo wonderful you did this for a gentleman that gave part of his life for our freedom. Not all VA's are close enough to help out in this situation. May the good Lord smile upon you for your kindness.

by dander324 14 Oct 2016

The VA has homeless programs for veterans. The program provides them a place to live while medical and other needs are met. They are also processed for any disabilities they might have that might be eligible for compensation. In many cases veterans are provided with vocational rehabilitation to retrain them for viable employment. I know this because I was part of the disability and vocational rehabilitation program. I know others that were part of the homeless program. Many of the veterans are 100% disabled and eligible for a nice monetary compensation.

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jrob by jrob edited 14 Oct 2016

Good information, thanks.

by 02kar Moderator 14 Oct 2016

Thank you for reaching out and being kind to 2 Vets who gave so much for this country. I can assure you that they don't want to be on the streets living like this, but being a Vet does not mean it is easy for them to find work. Not to mention the visible and invisible scars our men and women will carry with them to the grave. There are programs for them, but not enough.

by chenille 14 Oct 2016

Bless You!

by maisiebo 14 Oct 2016

I have tears in my eyes reading your post you where so kind it is the same here in the UK they send our men to other countries to fight and when they come back a lot with out limbs they don't all get the support and help they need from the government many end up like your
Vietnam Veterans they give their life and support for our country and what do they get when they come home

by PeggyJ 14 Oct 2016

You are genuinely kind. Your gesture is still giving me goose bumps.! There's so many stories out there in this world. Vets should not be left to the streets when mental, physical or financial problems occur. Let's all try to do just one thing to help those less fortunate. Again, thank you.

by kathymourie 14 Oct 2016

Thank you for taking care of our Vets. They should not be in this position. Our Country should be taking care of all our Vets and not
everybody else.

by jrob Moderator 14 Oct 2016

That was a very selfless and loving thing to do.

by airyfairy 14 Oct 2016

Thank you Abbygail for showing such compassion.

by pennifold 14 Oct 2016

What a selfless act to do Abby. God bless you for looking after those Vietnam vets by feeding them. I know you will be rewarded in heaven and on earth for showing compassion. Luv Chris

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Abbygail by Abbygail 14 Oct 2016

Thanks Chris .. I have a very high respect for all of our Veterans .. especially our Vietnam vets. I lost several family members to that war . I did what I felt was right today .. I only wish that they would of been there when I can out of the store . Abby

by meganne 14 Oct 2016

What a lovely thing for you to do, but the sad thing is that you even had to do it.
All Vets should be taken care of before refugees and drug addicts.
God bless you GF and huge hugs.

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Abbygail by Abbygail 14 Oct 2016

Aww.. here you are again Meg .. making me feel good !! But you are so right, I should not even had to be faced with that today, or any day for that matter, you are right we should take care of our veterans before anyone else .. I don't understand that we can see this but our government is blind to it .. Breaks my heart. Blessings to you my GF ! { } {} (hugs hugs) to you !

by gerryb 14 Oct 2016

My heart hurts with you. Our country has some big problems! Surely the men that fought for our freedom can be helped!!

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Abbygail by Abbygail 14 Oct 2016

They should come first and foremost before others ..

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by jerrib edited 14 Oct 2016

Thank you for doing this for 2 men that should not have to dumpster dive for food.

We have money to send to other countries, why can't we look after our Vets and Homeless first.

No Vet should be in this position. It breaks my heart, but thankful there are good people like yourself that try to help in anyway possible.

God bless you...

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Abbygail by Abbygail 14 Oct 2016

I totally agree with you .. I don't understand why we don't look after our Vets .. Breaks my heart ..