by pldc 10 Oct 2016

I wonder cuties if I could ask for your prayers for my sister-in-law. Elaine is having gallbladder surgery tomorrow morning (Tuesday) this is her first surgery in 40 years & they have no idea if the stones are big or small so they won't know if she will have to have major surgery where they open her up or if there small she can have them lasered. She has Down's Syndrome & we are quite worried about how this is going to go


by pldc 12 Oct 2016

I have more news she is still on the oxygen today but breathing much better today then yesterday & her blood pressure is almost normal range so we are so thankful. The Dr. said she may be able to come home tomorrow

by pldc 11 Oct 2016

an update to this: she is not breathing very well her oxygen levels are quite low? they have her on oxygen tank. Please if you could continue to keep her in your prayers that she has a complete recovery

by pldc 11 Oct 2016

thank you all so very much for your prayers because they work!We had to be there for 545 this morning (although I am not sure why as the registration desk doesn't open until 6) & her surgery was for 7:40, she was to be first one of the day. They mixed up her chart & had to re-take blood from her so that put her 2cd in line. Once in there she did the same thing my hubs did when he had his gallbladder out, her blood pressure dropped drastically & they weren't sure they would go through with it. They left her on the table & waiting over half an hour & she stabilized Thank heaven, then they went ahead & did it laparoscopic so 3 small incisions & all was ok. Except we waited & waited for news that she was ok & that it went well. I went to the nurses station & asked about her 3 times & the first 2 times they said they won't be told anything until she is out of recovery. As the clock ticked by we all became more worried & then we all went to the nurses desk together & asked what was going on. The nurse (same one) said oh she is in her room now, let me tell you where & you can go see her. So we did & when we got there I asked the other nurse how long she had been in her room & she said an hour!!! They forgot to come tell us. sigh.............Ah well she is doing ok so far & that's all that matters. I am thankful for all your prayers it brings a sense of peace just knowing that prayers are being said on her behalf. ~hugs & thanks to each of you~

graceandham by graceandham 11 Oct 2016

Glad it went well. I hope she goes home and feels great.

pldc by pldc edited 11 Oct 2016

me too thanks Betsy

by jrob Moderator 11 Oct 2016

Special prayers for Elaine that the surgery is not traumatizing nor painful.

by zoefzoef 11 Oct 2016

wishing your sil all the best !

by marianb 11 Oct 2016

Sending positive thoughts for Elaine's surgery. My DH had surgery the old way (large slice) and can eat anything he wants, I had keyhole surgery and have to be careful of what I eat. Not sure which way is better..

by airyfairy 11 Oct 2016

Wishing Elaine all the very best. I had mine done many years ago and was up and about in no time. Please give her a hug from me.

by Sewmum1 10 Oct 2016

hugs and prayers that all will be ok

by lbrow 10 Oct 2016

But of course. Prayers going up/Lillian

by babash 10 Oct 2016

Praying all goes well for Elaine I imagine the pain will go away so quickly that she will feel better in herself.
Operations have changed these days the Anesthesia these days can be adjusted so it doesn't upset the stomach like it used to.
I am sure if what is going to happen has been explained calmly to her in a way she can process all will be good.

by Abbygail 10 Oct 2016

Prayers on the way !!

by michemb 10 Oct 2016

praying for her and that things go well tomorrow

by 02kar Moderator 10 Oct 2016

I can understand your worry. Poor Elaine will feel much better once the awful pain is gone. My heart goes out to her having been through this surgery also. The good news is I had the stones meld into one big one and they were able to do the surgery with the small incisions. Please give Elaine a gentle big hug from all the Cuties.

by graceandham 10 Oct 2016

I had the major surgery. Either way, she's about to feel a whole lot better really quickly. Will be praying for easiest and best. Big hug.

by maisiebo 10 Oct 2016

Hope all goes well and she doesn't need major surgery sending best wishes for a speedy recovery