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by sewtired ( edited 08 Oct 2016 ) 08 Oct 2016

Moved from the wrong place, oops!

As I promised Toogie some time ago, here is my neck pillow. I was staying with my MIL after she broke her leg and she was sleeping on her recliner, so I thought one of these would be just the thing for her comfort. Then I decided to make one for myself, but as I would be traveling home by plane, I decided to add a snap on one of the straps so that I could attach it to my suitcase. My son liked it so much that he wanted 2 pillows and he wanted snaps on both straps. I'm sorry I don't have a picture, but I put the snaps on so that he could snap the ends of the 2 straps together, or just loop them through each other or he could just leave them as is. Gives you lots of options. I think if I make anymore, I will make the pillow out of muslin with no straps and make a cover of the decorative material with snap straps included. These really are quite comfortable if you don't stuff them too tight. The fabric is some sort of knit backed upholstery material and very soft and slightly plushy. The straps are grosgrain ribbon. Again, the pattern is from Sew4Home and very easy to make.


by Abbygail 10 Oct 2016

Very clever !

by toogie 08 Oct 2016

I like the idea of the snap straps, to hang on the suitcase handle. Wish I had thought to do that. Thanks for showing.

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sewtired by sewtired 09 Oct 2016

Thanks Toogie. You might be able to retrofit your straps with snaps.

by mops Moderator 08 Oct 2016

Thank you for placing it in the right category!

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sewtired by sewtired 08 Oct 2016

You're welcome, I'm sorry it wasn't right to begin with.