by pldc 06 Oct 2016

a pencil case from Picklepie designs. I enlarged it just enough to hold pencils & used marine vinyl to make the case. My ribbon is wider then the design called for But I decide to try ith zips & I had to rip apart the stitches because they were to close to the zipper to unzip it. I think next time I will do it with fabric it would be easier to flip


by airyfairy 08 Oct 2016

Nice purse Loralye.

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pldc by pldc 10 Oct 2016

Thank you Sarah, ~hugs~

by Abbygail 07 Oct 2016

Nice job !

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pldc by pldc 08 Oct 2016

thank you Abbygail. ~hugs~

by sewdeb 07 Oct 2016

Great job, Loralye! I have this design and only used iron on vinyl over fabric for the lining. Next time I make it, I'll have to try your idea and use vinyl for the purse instead Hugs* Deb

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pldc by pldc 07 Oct 2016

Thanks Deb, not sure I know about iron on vinyl but will have to learn more about it. I am intrigued ~hugs~

by Jamielyn 07 Oct 2016

Wonderful case

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pldc by pldc 07 Oct 2016

thank you

by sonjapotgieter 07 Oct 2016

So Pretty!!!!Well done

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pldc by pldc 07 Oct 2016

Thank you Sonja, ~hugs~

by Smokey12 06 Oct 2016

Children love what is made for them and they don't look for flaws. Love the idea of using vinyl and the ribbon with the monogram is a neat touch.

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pldc by pldc 06 Oct 2016

thank you very much ~hugs~

by bevintex 06 Oct 2016

I know it will gets lots of use. Great way to use up some vinyl too

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pldc by pldc 06 Oct 2016

thanks Bev, he liked it so that makes us both happy lol ~hugs~

by pennifold 06 Oct 2016

Well done Loralye, what a great case for pencils. So glad the child loved it, because you made it for him/her. Love Chris

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pldc by pldc 06 Oct 2016

He really did & I have asked his mom for a photo & she will let me know ~hugs~

by noah 06 Oct 2016

Looks great just like it is hugs

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pldc by pldc 06 Oct 2016

Thanks Carolyn, I dropped it off & he really liked it so that is the most important thing & not the flaws. Kids surprise me @ how thrilled they are with the simplest things. ~hugs!~

by babash 06 Oct 2016

I enlarged a ith design just a plain design recently and also had trouble in the zip area. In my case it didn't catch the zip in one place it stitched too close to the outside edge. I decided it must be like lace don't try to change it
Like your idea though.

pldc by pldc 06 Oct 2016

live n learn right lol

bevintex by bevintex 06 Oct 2016

not all zippers are created equal either, I have some really skinny ones and they don't line up right when using them in the hoop. Even the designs can make a difference