by Abbygail 03 Oct 2016

Don't know if this is the right place to ask this.. but I'm looking for a FSL design of a sand dollar... If you seen my post in projects regarding the suncatchers you know that my bathroom is decorated with ocean things. Any of you great cuties know where I can find one ?? Thanks Abby


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by bevintex edited 03 Oct 2016

Yoriko has a nice one on her site. I find others but they are all charm size. embroidery designs has them for $10.00 each

Abbygail by Abbygail 03 Oct 2016

Hi Bev ! Thanks ! Don't know if I can swing $10.00 for one design .. I do like the mygardened one, wish it was a bit bigger .. like 5x7 hoop size ! Thanks so much for the links !

bevintex by bevintex 03 Oct 2016

contact Yoriko at her site and see if she can help with a bigger size. she always comes to my rescue when I need something. it's worth a try
just use contact us at the bottom of her page