by liliana1 01 Oct 2016

Quick Update on my DH he has been in hospital since last Wednesday finding it hard to breath please keep him in your prayers unable to eat or drink.


by jrob Moderator 04 Oct 2016

I'm praying for you and your darling husband.

by maisiebo 04 Oct 2016

Hope your husband will soon be well and home with you sending warm wishes and prayers to you at this worrying time

by Abbygail 03 Oct 2016

Including you and your husband in my morning prayers ..

by lbrow 03 Oct 2016

You are both still in my prayers. Believe me I kow how hard it is when he's in thehosp. My hubby spent 55 days there earlier this yr. God will give you strength/Lillian

by PeggyJ 01 Oct 2016

Likewise just said a prayer for hour DH and for you.

by graceandham 01 Oct 2016

I have breathing problems, so I know how difficult this is. Praying for him and for you, too. I'm sure you must be tired.

by aleene 01 Oct 2016

Just said a prayer for your husband and you. May God bless!