by maisiebo 26 Sep 2016

Hope i'm posting in the right place

I'm looking for a nice Greyhound or lurcher embroidery design head or full body my hoop size is 5x7 PES format most of the ones I have seen they are racing which is not suitable
Thanking you in advance


by greysewist Moderator 01 Oct 2016

Here are some that I could lay my hands on -most of them leave here after being sewn out -funny 'bout that! The top one was from Huskey Embroidery (now closed, I think, sadly) -but might give you ideas of adding decoration :) The middle one on bottom is from Dakota (small greyhound head), which I sewed only a few weeks ago and works well, especially on a fabric with a pile like my polar fleece vest -I've added the text
. The ones left and right bottom look somewhat familiar don't they, Meganne :), and I didn't sew them, but they are great designs and always travel when we do a greyhound & friends walk which includes coffee :)

greysewist by greysewist 01 Oct 2016

maisiebo, if you search by adding greysewist after the then some other relics from the past will come up to view.

meganne by meganne 01 Oct 2016

Oooops.. LOL!!! I'm surprised you still have them Marian.
Would you like the design now??? :-) Hugs n love, M

greysewist by greysewist 01 Oct 2016

Yes please Meg -I love them! I'd never lose track of any of my gifts from Cuties, but especially not the greyhound themed ones, which I, not surprisingly, find the most opportunities to trot out for show and tell :)

maisiebo by maisiebo 07 Oct 2016

Lovely designs thank you I will check them out

by rachap 27 Sep 2016

Don'[t be afraid of the photo stitch technique. I have done several from Advanced Embroidery Designs and the stitch out beautifully. It will look great on a linen bag, just be sure to use a heavy weight stabilizer. Will try to add a link but I don't know it by heart and it is a little different- think this will be close enough so it comes up

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maisiebo by maisiebo 07 Oct 2016

Thank you I do have a few of their photo designs always been a little scared to try the photo stitch although it doesn't stop me buying a design stupid or what? will have to give it a try

by meganne 27 Sep 2016

Maisiebo, if you are interested in the one below, it is for 4.19 x 4.15 (inches) with the border... 3.61 x 3.26 without, but, as the digitiser, I could make it larger if required.
You will need to private message me to give me your emad (email address) if you want me to send it to you.
For safety reasons do NOT post your emad here where everyone can see it.
Hugs n roses,
Melide Menschen Designs

maisiebo by maisiebo 27 Sep 2016

after spending hours looking through designs I already have for a second time I have found one almost the same as your design I have narrowed the search down to three designs unless I find another I will have to make my mind up and stop looking I found a nice one that is photo stitch but I have never sewn that kind of design and not sure what it would sew out like on a linen bag I'm very tempted to try it don't want to damage my machine though in case it jams up
once again thanks for your offer

meganne by meganne 27 Sep 2016

You are most welcome Maisiebo, it's here if you change your mind. :-)

by bevintex 26 Sep 2016

look here

maisiebo by maisiebo 27 Sep 2016

Thanks for your link will have a look xxxx

greysewist by greysewist 01 Oct 2016

Thanks from me as well, Bev. You are always great with links! You managed to remind me of a few designs that I'd forgotten I have/had :) Photos can be a great reminder, but sometimes things go out the door so fast, that I don't do that :(

by angelsbooda 26 Sep 2016

Here are a couple;ProductID=I1126;ProductID=H2363

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maisiebo by maisiebo 27 Sep 2016

Thank you I already have the second link on my short list xxx