by lilylady 21 Sep 2016

Question! A web site has a list of currency abbreviated, Is the United States USD? Or do I just do AUD? I thought I had ordered from there, but don't remember the exchange choice. Thanks


by pacmp 22 Sep 2016

I have a couple sites in Australia I purchase from rather regularly and their prices are the same for their items whether ordering in Australian dollar AUD or USD US dollar, so when I pay by paypal in Australian dollar I can generally save 30 cents on each dollar. A great savings on top of the sale price already being offered. When paying by PayPal they automatically convert to the desired currency, as those sites offer me a currency choice-not all do, so I suggest always checking to see if it saves you funds using one currency over another. Hope you have it all sorted. Happy Stitching, Pam

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lilylady by lilylady 22 Sep 2016

thank you, this is what i was looking for.

by babash 21 Sep 2016

The choice of currency is really only so you can see what the price is for your country. AUD Australia USD United States.
Just be aware that whatever the price given Paypal could be a lower conversion rate. For example on the Currency Converter site it might list it as 75 cents but Paypal will only be 72 cents. And if the site is overseas it will mostly go through in USD so the bank then charges a 3% fee to convert.

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Sep 2016

When buying from a none UK site I check out via a search engine what the transfer rate is at that time. Sometimes the transaction goes through in £ sometimes in whatever currency the site opearates in. I use paypal for purchasing designs.

by dragonflyer 21 Sep 2016

Hmm, not sure which site you are referring to, but I would say you would choose your own currency from your country when checking out...United States USD, or Australia AUD...that way you will know the actual price you will be paying for the your own currency.