by Abbygail 20 Sep 2016

Hello Cuties ! Is anyone familiar with the software Embrilliance ? Pros, cons ?


by undecided 16 Jun 2017

did you end up buying it? did you like it?

by airyfairy 31 Oct 2016

I only use Embrilliance for my BX files

by bugzyII 22 Oct 2016

I am using the Embrilliance program & love it! I decided to do embroidery work for my retirement hobby 3 years ago & spent time going through some of the different software programs to see what worked well for me. Embrilliance works similar to the Microsoft Office products so it is user friendly. They use modules so you can ease into what direction you want to go for a low cost. The Stitch Artist (digitizing) portion wasn't available when I began but I believe it can be used separately from the 2 beginner modules should you want to start at the digitizing level but you will want to make sure. I needed to start at the beginner's level but worked up the levels easily. They have a lot of YouTube, forums & other support when needed. The way they have it set up with the modules, you can spread out the cost rather than having to pay for it all at once. Cons? So far not any for me. I do agree that all the programs have something that the other doesn't have so you will have to choose what is the most important to you, most of them have demos as has been stated previously. Also, if the photo embroidery is important, at this point Embrilliance does not have it. The Embrilliance website has only had sales with $10 off each module that I have seen. Hope this helps & welcome!

airyfairy by airyfairy 31 Oct 2016

Welcome to Cute

Abbygail by Abbygail 28 Nov 2016

Thank you bugzy ! I am patiently waiting (not so patiently) for their next sale .

by smokeythecat 24 Sep 2016

I dont like that the circle in the shapes library isnt a circle
And when you turn a line into stitches there isnt a zigzag option
But obviously those are minor things :)

by mrskiki 21 Sep 2016

I too use Embrilliance on my Mac and really like it. I find it easy to use and you can purchase modules as you need/can afford. Also customer service is very good. Hugs. Nan W

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Abbygail by Abbygail 21 Sep 2016

Thank you so much Nan !

by sewdeb 20 Sep 2016

Hi, Abby I use Embrillance Thumbnailer on my MAC to be able to view what designs I have on my MAC. I also use Convert it MAC which came with it - this program reads most formats and can edit, convert these to the VP3 format I use with my machine.

My primary software is Viking's 6D which was/is expensive and only gives slightly more "bang for the more bucks" than theses two facets of Ebrilliance.

I like these Embilliance programs - they serve the purpose quite well. I wish I had purchased them instead of the 6D way back when I started on my machine embroidery adventure.
Hope this helps. And WELCOME TO CUTE! Deb

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Abbygail by Abbygail 20 Sep 2016

Thank you for your insight Deb and the welcome ! I missed the chance to purchase Embrillance Essentials and Stuido in a package deal and I'm now wishing I had ! I hope they offer that deal again. I do believe I will get it !