by sdrise 04 Sep 2016

Hi everyone I am asking for some prayers for the kittens I was bottling feeding They were just fixed last week and all of them have come down with a virus. I suspect it came form the clinic. One was rushed to the ER and is in intensive care. The others are fighting the fever so far. They all got sick at the same time so exposure was at the same time and same place.

Also got in three more kittens without their mama. They were found under a fallen mattress in and abandoned apartment. One kitten had all four legs splayed out. We have to splint all four legs and do Physical Therapy on his legs so he will be able to walk. IT is going to be a long road for him.
We were at the ER until the wee hours of the morning last night.
I am beside myself with worry. Asking for prayers for all of them. Thanks


by jrob Moderator 07 Sep 2016

Praying over your babies, and you, Suzanne.

by maggiecal 07 Sep 2016

My heart and prayers are with you!! It must be so difficult - thank you for all you do.

by sdrise 07 Sep 2016

Update9/7/16 All the kittens are out of the ER intensive care. They are all here with me. We brought them all to our vets and they all got cortisone shots to bring down their fevers down more. I have infused them with Ringers and as of last night all the temps were down closer to the "normal Range" but not normal yet. Three have recovered out of the 9 so far. This has been such a trying worry some ordeal. I have not had much sleep. All are still on antibiotics. BUT we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Now it is day by day until they all recover...

We notified the clinic where they were fixed and they are changing filters in the air systems and re sanitizing the OR. But they will not admit that is where this ordeal started. I just do not want this to happen to any one else.

Thanks to all of you for your support and prayers.

HUGS Suzanne

cfidl by cfidl 07 Sep 2016

I think you have a win! Nine times over! You have done an incredible job with these kitties. Now I am hoping you get some well earned rest yourselves.

zoefzoef by zoefzoef 07 Sep 2016

Lucky "the sun starts shining" over all of you. I keep on praying...

by sewtired 06 Sep 2016

Praying for you and these little ones. We lost a kitten due to vet negligence - so heartbreaking. Never went back to that vet again. We took our found baby in to be checked out. She was treated for mange, but he never checked for internal parasites and didn't warn us that the mange could be transferred to humans. We then had to get medication for mange for ourselves and our baby died from hook worms. The new vet had a small contraption to use for mouth to mouth resuscitation, but it was too late - the new vet also did not charge us for the emergency visit since he could not save our baby. Obviously he got all our business from then on. Wishing you better luck.

by sdrise 06 Sep 2016

9/6/16 Update... I have three kittens now in intensive care in the ER for the last three days. I will be picking them up this morning and brining them to my own vet today. Also have another that needs to go in with a high fever. I have 4 more starting with fevers... We have been up practically all night with them trying to get fevers down. We have had very little sleep over the past 4 days.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.. We still need them..

Thanks so much Suaznne

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zoefzoef by zoefzoef 06 Sep 2016

Suzanne, I'm thinking almost all days about you and your babies. I hope soon everything gets better. Prayers send to all of them.

by pennifold 06 Sep 2016

Prayers for your little furbabies Suzanne, I hope that they all make it, especially the little one with splayed legs. Love Chris

by gerryvb 06 Sep 2016

hope and pray they all will be alright soon. You do a wonderful job, hugs Gerry

by Sewmum1 06 Sep 2016

hoping and praying they all make it through ok. You are doing the very best you can for them.

by katydid 06 Sep 2016

You must ask for a break in the bill as partly their fault. I feel sure if they are honest they will help you. I pray for all the little ones. I take it that the mama did not make it. Kay

by lbrow 05 Sep 2016

You already have it Suzanne. Hope all goes well/Lillian

by laurasomi 04 Sep 2016

Those poor lil babies, i hope they will make it and bless you for being such a loving Kittymama.

by basketkase 04 Sep 2016

Oh, Suzanne, how tragic!!! I always worry about ours getting something when in for neuter or spay........will send the animal angels to surround these little ones and put them in Gods hands........bless you......

by zoefzoef 04 Sep 2016

Suzanne, all my prayers are send out to those little kittens. I do hope they all recover. Big hug to you also.. Linda