by shozo1271 ( edited 08 Sep 2016 ) 03 Sep 2016

Look what Vicki at Basketkase did! I sent her a picture of this little teeny-tiny bunny. He fit in the palm of my hand. A brand-new baby! I know she is an animal lover, so I asked her if she wanted a new pet. She responded with a digitized bunny that is exactly like the pic. He is on her site now, called Shozo's bunny. I appliqued him onto a black kitchen towel and frayed the edges so it looked like the bunny fur, sorta.... The applq and ragging will look better once its washed and dried.


by pldc 08 Sep 2016


by katydid 07 Sep 2016

As realistic as one can get! Great job. I have some rabbits in my back yard as big as my KiKi.

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Sep 2016

This is so cute. You both did a great job.

by jrob Moderator 07 Sep 2016

Oh, my goodness, he's perfect....well both of them are. You and Vicki did a wonderful job. Way to go with the ragging. Perfect addition, in my opinion. (Glad your photo is back. Having glitches gets my britches in a wad.)

by crazypatchmama 07 Sep 2016

lovely design from Vicki, looked really like the original :-)

by mops Moderator edited 07 Sep 2016

I saw the pictures a couple of days ago, but now the link is broken. That sometimes happens when the site is being renewed. I had a lot of trouble uploading a picture yesterday, it just did not show.
Could you edit the post and try to upload them again? It is a pity they can't be accessed when you click on the broken-link icons.

shozo1271 by shozo1271 07 Sep 2016

Yep, just tried and it worked (I think :) Thanks! we will see if the cyber goblins eat the pics again...

mops by mops 07 Sep 2016

I am glad it worked, both your bunny and the embroidery look so sweet.

by pennifold 04 Sep 2016

How beautiful is this little bunny rabbit. Well done to you both, love Chris

by baydreamer 04 Sep 2016

Adorable !

by sonjapotgieter 04 Sep 2016

Well done...Cute and so Adorable!!!!Gorgeous

by graceandham 03 Sep 2016

Soo precious. Enjoy both bunnies.

by Ossineu 03 Sep 2016

Cute bunny and wonderful embroidery:-)

by noah 03 Sep 2016

So well done girls hugs

by chenille 03 Sep 2016

Wow! two very talented ladies!

by stork 03 Sep 2016

Wonderful! Love the little guy.

by basketkase 03 Sep 2016

This little critter makes me want to love it........he looks so precious, he was a joy to digi........

by Smokey12 03 Sep 2016

That is talented digitizing. Fantastic bunnies, real and stitched. Hope you can keep the live one too.

by lbrow 03 Sep 2016

What a darling little bunny.

by joansatx 03 Sep 2016

Lovin' this!

by cfidl 03 Sep 2016

Vicki is so thoughtful! Love the design and the stitching!

by pennyhal2 03 Sep 2016

Just a perfect little bunny! I love the soft edge appliqued look and that technique is great for this little guy(or gal?). The addition of grass is a nice touch too. Great stitchout!

by cj2sew 03 Sep 2016

Oh how adorable. Talented Vicki is indeed.

by topcat5 03 Sep 2016

It's such a joy to see how talented Vicki and our other cutie digitizers are. And Vicki responded so quickly as if she had nothing else to do. She is like that all the time. Your stitch-out is beautiful. What a wonderful remembrance of this moment in time for both of you. Congratulations.

by carolpountney 03 Sep 2016

He is gorgeous