by pamelahess 01 Sep 2016

Refrigerator door handle cover.

I've seen plain covers at places like Wal-Mart, but wanted something for Christmas so I made my own using a Santa that I already had and making my own bottom part for it. I have a Mrs. Claus in the works too, as well as one that has a reindeer, snowman and elf on it that goes horizontal on the bottom drawer of the fridge. This one still needs a LOT of work LOL, but I am so excited that I just had to show it. Thanks for looking! ~Pam


by lbrow 03 Sep 2016

Nice work Pamela and great idea/Lillian

by bowlds 03 Sep 2016

Exellent...I'm always looking for more places to put embroidered stuff!

by decojo 03 Sep 2016

Terrific idea and super cute!

by smokeythecat 03 Sep 2016

We need one of these for the microwave so my brother wont get the handle all greasy

by tlp22 02 Sep 2016

What a cool idea!

by peafarm 02 Sep 2016

I've never heard of these. How clever is this??? So creative--like a lot.

by sonjapotgieter 02 Sep 2016

Clever idea!!!Great work...Gorgeous

by mechille 02 Sep 2016

What a cute idea. I might have to try this. How did you join it together?

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 02 Sep 2016

Did you velcro it?

pamelahess by pamelahess 02 Sep 2016

Thank you! Yes, the body of it without the Santa is about 11 1/4". So I put the Velcro almost the whole length (in the hoop). I'm going to start on the Mrs Santa tomorrow and when finished will post it also. They are really fun! Later will do other holidays!

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 03 Sep 2016

Thanks for the info! I look forward to seeing Mrs. Santa too.

by meganne 02 Sep 2016

Your idea is so cute.
I usually just stick Christmas magnets all over my fridge.
A lot of fridges here don't have this kind of handle. They seem to be just moulded recesses in the plastic doors, one fridge we looked at, last week, the handle was so well camouflaged I couldn't figure out how to open it at first. LOL! The stainless steel ones did have external handles like this though.

pennifold by pennifold 02 Sep 2016

Mine is like this Meg with a water dispenser and the ice maker in the freezer! Love Chris

graceandham by graceandham 02 Sep 2016

Mine won't hold magnets!

lbrow by lbrow 03 Sep 2016

All the Art work the Greats bring me along with the newest pics go under the mags on the refrig. Great place to display/Lillian

by gerryvb 02 Sep 2016

it looks great !

by baydreamer 02 Sep 2016

Super ideal!

by carolpountney 02 Sep 2016

Great idea nicely done

by babash 02 Sep 2016

Something new on here each day. Looks good.

by stock 02 Sep 2016

great idea have not seen them before,...wendy

by cfidl 01 Sep 2016

I like it! I think I want to make one for everyday

by dragonflyer 01 Sep 2016

What an interesting decorating idea...

by pennifold 01 Sep 2016

Ooh! I love this idea - I might try myself for the Christmas ladies luncheon. Thanks for sharing this nifty idea Pam. It looks super cool! Luv Chris

by laffma1 01 Sep 2016

This looks terrific. I haven't seen them used on the fridge, but that's a good idea too. I have one on my microwave door handle, as it is directly above the gas cooktop and it tends to get hot, especially when I'm using all the burners making a holiday feast. That one coordinates with my everyday potholders and oven mit, but now you have inspired me to make new ones for the holidays.

by Barbaric 01 Sep 2016

great idea

by katydid 01 Sep 2016

Clever idea!!! everyone will want one. Kay

by ribblev 01 Sep 2016

Terrific idea, especially for arthritis sufferers who feel the cold. Thanks for sharing your idea..........Ann

by Smokey12 01 Sep 2016

What a cute idea. A set of these on the fridge will be precious. You have done a great job.