by twee 29 Aug 2016

I have made a terrible mistake and need some advice. I ordered skin and eye cream on the internet which was supposed to be a free sample if I paid the $9.95 S/H, which I did.

Two days ago I opened up my credit card bill and was shocked to see that I had been billed $374.00 + 11.95 S/H. I frantically called the number listed on the bill and find that I didn't read the fine print that they insist was there, but I never saw any fine print stating that I had to cancel the order in 14 days or they would bill me the entire amount which was an enormous amount for two little vials of cream, and now they have shipped another's month of the creams. I never ordered that either, but they say I agreed to buy it by not canceling the order. I am beside my self. They assure me that it is legal and legit. How can they do that?

I haven't used any of the cream and I told them I would return it, but they say that is not possible.

Yesterday another package arrived at the post office and I did not accept it and the post office will return it to the sender. But the company says there are no returns. I am so upset I don't know what to do. I feel so stupid for letting myself get sucked into such a scam.

This company used big names such as Joy Behar, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah and says they are working for them, making you think they are part of the company. How could I be so foolish to get sucked into this. What was supposed to be $9.95 has swelled to $385.00.

I pray my credit card company can help dispute these charges. I would never knowingly allow a company such access to my bank account. I've had to close the account so they can't access it any further. I am so discouraged. Have any of you had a similar experience. What did you do. Your advice is appreciated. Thanks so much


by pennifold 01 Sep 2016

I'm so sorry to read this Terri all I can say is follow Meg's advice. Hope it all ends in your favour. Luv Chris

by katydid 01 Sep 2016

I am not sure if you charged this on a credit card account or a debit bank card. You did say you closed the account. Good. Seek advise from the credit card company or your bank. Don't order any more free samples using your credit card to pay postage. I use Pay Pal, But I even got ripped off using them to buy contact lens that had to be sent back because the lens company sent me the wrong lens and by the time I got the return authorization and sent them back ,my 60 days has expired. Good luck sweetie. Kay

by dec716 01 Sep 2016

if you have a local consumer hot line I would advise them about this. Sometimes your local tv station will or can help

by cfidl 31 Aug 2016

I can empathize, and will leave it at that. Go get them.

by pldc 30 Aug 2016

Wonderful advice & if I might add just a little something to it, I would send it all back registered mail. that way they can not dispute getting everything returned from you. Prayers going out to you, & NO you are not the only one that this has happened to.~hugs~

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meganne by meganne 30 Aug 2016

Yes Loralie, I agree. I wasn't sure if you had registered mail In the States.
Mail services have been changing so much since email became available.
I'm not even sure what services we still have here in Aus any more.
We used to have registered mail which covered an article for insurance and we had Certified mail which required the recipient to sign for it, thus giving proof of delivery. I must check this out because I rarely post anything. hugs n roses, Meg

by twee 30 Aug 2016

Thanks for your concern and good advice. I Pray that I can resolve this quickly.

by dragonflyer 29 Aug 2016

Oh my goodness...please take Meganne's advise and do it now...I believe if you do, your credit card company and the fraud department will help you to identify these thief's and refund your must be diligent and quick!

by meganne 29 Aug 2016

Cuties I must apologise for not advising you all about this when it happened to me, but, like Terri, I was so embarrassed as I should have known better, especially with my background in IT and Legal.

The offer seems so genuine, a trial of their eye serum or face serum and all you pay for is the postage. There is NO fine print to read and you are NOT redirected to their web page to read any terms and conditions or fine print.

Yes, the product arrives, BUT within 3 weeks there will be further exorbitant charges against your credit card that you definitely did NOT agree to.

The company you should watch for is:
Hydroderm Customer Service
France - 0805-080774 (appel non surtaxé) USA & CAN -
1-800-759-8620 – Face Serum
1-800-743-9187- Eye Serum

If you fall for this offer, as I am sure many thousands of women probably have, then you MUST act quickly and lose no time in contacting your credit card supplier, report the INTERNET FRAUD on your account, get them to reverse the payment and have them cancel your card IMMEDIATELY so these unscrupulous thieves can NOT steal any more money from your account.

Then you need to be as ruthless dealing with "the company" as they have been in cheating you.

Please see the post I made below for further advise. There is no reason why you can't even contact your local police as the may have an internet fraud task force.......

by shirley124 29 Aug 2016

I am so sorry to read of your problems. I sure hope you can get it resolved soon. Hugs

by dennis999 29 Aug 2016

Take every aspect of Meganne's advice and action that at the very earliest. It is so sad to see so many of the good people of this world having misery and worry imposed upon them by these nasty unscrupulous individuals and companies.It is an inevitability of the internet and e-commerce generally that schemes will be set up in the cleverest of ways to catch innocent and decent people. I wish that I could help you with your problem but other than urge you to follow Meganne's strong advice, there is little I can offer other than to wish you every success in getting this resolved to your complete satisfaction.

by asterixsew Moderator 29 Aug 2016

Hope that you resolve this very quickly

by airyfairy 29 Aug 2016

My heart goes out to you. It is so very easy to fall into these traps. I am afraid that I never buy anything on the Internet, except a few embroidery designs from companies I know.
Meganne has given you wonderful advice. I really hope that you get your money refunded.

by marianb 29 Aug 2016

Sorry you were cheated this way, I hope you can get a solution for this problem soon. Let us know how you go. Marian

by gerryvb 29 Aug 2016

hope the credit card company will help you, here there is a special office where you can report : internet fraud. Perhaps there is at your place too.
hope and pray everything will be solved for you .Hugs

by meganne 29 Aug 2016

Same thing happened to me Terry and I wrote about it on my Facebook Page.

Firstly contact your Credit card supplier and submit a complaint for an UNAUTHORISED and FRAUDULENT INTERNET SCAM claim on your credit card, tell them you definitely did not AUTHORISE the payment!! DO THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Ask them to cancel your credit card and issue you with a new one!!!

No matter what it takes you must convince them you did not authorise this transaction.

Then email the company and threaten to expose them on FACEBOOK and every other social media forum of which you are a member!!!

meganne by meganne edited 29 Aug 2016

You can also threaten them with the might of the­FBI that you know now that they have done this to ­others, that it is INTERNET FRAUD!!!

There WAS no ­fine print!

Tell them you have thousands of­ contacts all around the world and you will make­ sure you warn every person you know.

I got my money back through my Credit Card ­supplier.

But you must act quickly!!!­ I will go to my other computer and see if I can ­find the emails I sent them and if I do I will­ send them to you.

twee by twee 29 Aug 2016

Thanks so much. I have contacted the CC company and registered a dispute. They told me to return the items which I will do tomorrow morning. I will follow through with your other suggestions in the am. Thanks so much for your help.

meganne by meganne 29 Aug 2016

Check your emails Terry I have sent you a copy of all the correspondence I had, sorry it took me a while to find the emails on my old pc.
PLEASE be ruthless, set aside all the niceties, these people are nothing but unscrupulous thieves.

meganne by meganne 29 Aug 2016

Make sure you photograph the articles and the package showing the postage and receipt for postage to return the goods. You could even go so far as to get someone to take a photo of you posting the article. It may seem like overkill and you may never need it, but you need to cover yourself just in case.

twee by twee 30 Aug 2016

Thanks so much for your concern, support and advice. I have followed your sage advice and contacted my credit card company. They recommended returning all of the goods which I did. It was an act of congress to get an address for the company, and I never did get a name. Another package came Saturday and I refused to accept it so the PO has returned it. I wrote a letter to the company stating what I expected them to do. Tomorrow I will check with my credit card company again, and I will contact a local TV station that has a program called Get Gephardt. He looks into things like this and posts on the news about them. He does a great service and has helped so many people out of predicaments they can't seem to get resolve. Please pray that I can resolve this scam. They need to be put out of business, but unfortunately they reinvent themselves into another scam.