by babash 28 Aug 2016

Cash Register Dockets.

Don't you just love the ones you get from the fabric shop that state how much you saved?
Had a big buy up yesterday as I don't often get the chance to go to Spotlight and I could brag about how much I saved. Just skipped over how much I actually spent.LOL


by babash 29 Aug 2016

Wow I now want to go to an Old Navy store. And I thought I got a bargain.

by asterixsew Moderator 29 Aug 2016

Now this is something I'm not aware of in the UK

by dragonflyer 29 Aug 2016

Ah, yes...but sometimes the receipts are a bit complicated to decipher!

by dennis999 29 Aug 2016

It's a 'female' thing! How much was saved as opposed to how much was spent. My wife utters similar excuses every time that she buys new shoes (which always turn out to be several pairs, since the second pair was on offer). It's a 'female' thing and us blokes just have to put up with it!!

shirley124 by shirley124 29 Aug 2016

Good one Dennis. Thanks for the laugh.

noah by noah 29 Aug 2016

Yes you need to put up and as i tell hubby and shut up lol Thanks

dennis999 by dennis999 29 Aug 2016


babash by babash 29 Aug 2016

Of course it is a female thing it is the first thing our Mothers taught us. Probably the only advice we ever took seriously.

by Sewmum1 29 Aug 2016

Haha this sounds just like me!

by dollygk 29 Aug 2016

Last year my sister and niece went to Old Navy on their super savings day and purchased 11 items, if I'm correct, here is their receipt, needless to say they were both giddy over the savings.

Hugs, Dolly

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 29 Aug 2016

This is just too good!

marianb by marianb 29 Aug 2016

Now this is the sale we all want to have..

by sewist1 28 Aug 2016

They certainly have an interesting accounting system. Takes a while to work out if you have been charged the correct amount. I have been overcharged on more than one occasion so it pays to check everything out before leaving the store.

by katydid 28 Aug 2016

What is Spotlight? Is it our Joann's or Walmart? This is to make you feel better about spending your money. They are just messing with our minds! Kay

babash by babash 28 Aug 2016

Spotlight is a big fabric store in Australia. Before they came we had lots of places to buy fabric Kmart and other shops not just quilting shops. Now really not too many choices.

kazza by kazza 28 Aug 2016

Spotlight is the same as Joann's but not as big and of course not as cheap.

marianb by marianb 29 Aug 2016

We only wish it was as cheap..