by gerryb 28 Aug 2016

Another project finished. This is done on an 11x14 stretched canvas. The file is from bettysoriginalembroideries. LOTS of stitches, but I really like the way the bees seem to pop out! Taking it to a friend in NC that does framing.


by peafarm 02 Sep 2016

Beautiful. Read all remarks and thankful about it should I ever try.

by jgwatchorn 02 Sep 2016

Was the background design done in Metallic thread?

by toogie 30 Aug 2016

You should have 'signed' your art work! This is lovely and thanks for telling us. I bought some of these framed canvas and didn't use it for what I bought it for. This may be the perfect thing, but I am leary about the 'white stuff'......don't want to harm my machine.

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gerryb by gerryb 31 Aug 2016

Try one embroidering on the back instead of the front! I haven't had time to try it, but the other gal did & said she didn't have the white stuff then. Directions are below in another post. It DID make a mess & I had to really work to get it all cleaned...but am going to try again.

by pennyhal2 30 Aug 2016

Thanks for the detailed how-to info!

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gerryb by gerryb 30 Aug 2016

You're welcome.

by cfidl 29 Aug 2016

fabulous project. Primed canvas is usually available on a bolt in the fabric department. That is if you already have a frame or other mounting apparatus.

by pennifold 29 Aug 2016

OUSTANDING! Love it and I love Bees. Love Chris

by pldc 29 Aug 2016

well done Gerry! Your right they do "POP" quite a striking photo~hugs~

by maggiecal 29 Aug 2016

That is just lovely - will be perfect framed.

by sdrise 29 Aug 2016

Very pretty and nice job!

by jrob Moderator 29 Aug 2016

This is amazing. I love all of the details, even the veins in their tiny wings.

by Barbaric 29 Aug 2016

It looks beautiful

by carolpountney 29 Aug 2016

This is beautiful and yes the bees just pop very nice. As you did it on canvas what size needle did you use

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gerryb by gerryb 29 Aug 2016

I used a 14 emb. needle, but think I'll use a 14 sharp next time.

by katydid 28 Aug 2016

OH Yes!! it is beautiful!!! Well done!

by baydreamer 28 Aug 2016

Looks great! Love it!

by pennyhal2 28 Aug 2016

Just gorgeous! I have that design and was wondering how it's look stitched out. It's like something you'd see in a bontanical book. Well done!

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gerryb by gerryb 29 Aug 2016

It does stitch out beautifully! Do you have any of the the butterfly?

by babash 28 Aug 2016

Can you explain how you did this? Was it embroidered then stretched onto the frame? Can't imagine how else you could do it.
Beautiful work.

asterixsew by asterixsew 28 Aug 2016

I was wondering too

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 28 Aug 2016

Me too!

gerryb by gerryb 29 Aug 2016

Here's what I did. I got the stretched canvas at craft store, unstabled it all around, then marked the center from each side of the final fold mark...where it actually started the front of the canvas..with water sol. marking pen so I could just touch it with a wet Q-tip to "erase" it. Hooped a piece of heavy cutaway, stuck the canvas to it, did NOT hoop the canvas. I used a size 14 emb. needle, but think a size 14 sharp would do better. Then I put it back on the stretcher bars, wrapping around tightly & staple in place. I did cut the stabilizer away from the fold, but left the rest on the back. One problem: I got little bits of white "stuff" from what I THINK is the preping of the canvas to paint on. Had to clean the machine out afterwards. BUT after talking to the gal that did one, she said she too got that white stuff, so she turned it over next time & emb. on the BACK side & no flakes. Haven't tried that yet. I did slow the machine down a notch as I was scared to death when I started this! But did like the final results!!

Smokey12 by Smokey12 29 Aug 2016

Thank you for the directions. Not sure I have the nerve to try this.

gerryb by gerryb 29 Aug 2016

Go for it! You can get a smaller canvas & use just a redwork design until you are sure of it.

by noah 28 Aug 2016

Excellent job i love Betty's bees lol

by Smokey12 28 Aug 2016

This came out beautiful. Do you mean artist canvas, the kind you paint on? Thank you, Please post pic when you frame it, that is going to be really fantastic.

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gerryb by gerryb 29 Aug 2016

Yes, artist canvas. Got it at AC Moore cheap!

by dennis999 28 Aug 2016

This is really beautiful. Very clever design and so well executed. Bunch of flowers for Gerryb.

by lilylady 28 Aug 2016


by sonjapotgieter 28 Aug 2016

Fantastic work done!!!Beautiful!!!Well done

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Aug 2016

What a great looking piece of work

by lbrow 28 Aug 2016

It's like a Botanical Gerry. It will look marvelous framed. Great job!/Lillian