by mariahail 19 Aug 2016

well, I asked Deb, from Emblibrary about the designs...bad is her answer+++++

You are most welcome to sell items that are embroidered with Embroidery Library designs. However, the design files may not be sold, shared, or distributed in any manner.

We're an employee-owned company, and all of the designs that you see at our site were drawn and digitized by us. When you purchase a design, you're actually purchasing a license to embroider the design in an embroidery machine. The design remains the property of Embroidery Library, Inc.

The license allows you to embroider the design in an embroidery machine and use it in a variety of ways, including personal use, sale for profit, donation to charity, and gifts. If you want to stitch our designs and sell the stitched items at craft shows and fairs, or through a website, that's excellent! We wish you much success.

The license prohibits selling, sharing, trading, or distributing the digital file. Please do not share the designs. If your friend or family member wants one of our designs, have him/her come to our site to
buy a license for the design.

You are allowed to edit the design in any manner that you choose, but the edited design file is also copyrighted by Embroidery Library, Inc. It cannot be distributed, shared, or sold.

If you have questions about the above, let us know! Send an email to


by 02kar Moderator 20 Aug 2016

I agree this is a right and a fair agreement between Embroidery Library and me. It is a business and they have both a right to make a fair profit for their work and they need to make money to keep the website up and running. I have happily spent money on the designs I like from the digitizers I like. I do not expect anyone to like all of the designs I buy nor do I expect to like all of their designs. And when I can no longer embroider, I expect people to continue to purchase designs to support their favorite digitizers. And I expect either I will destroy my files or they will be destroyed by someone when I die. This will be my last act to show my support for all of the folks I have appreciated and supported all these years. So please keep supporting your favorite digitizers and their websites by purchasing their designs.

by mops Moderator 19 Aug 2016

This answer could not have been a surprise to anyone. You only have to read their terms and conditions to know. And not just their T&C but those of most embroidery websites.

Every hobby is expensive and the most expensive part of machine embroidery is IMO the 'hardware': machine, threads and notions. All of which can be given away to whoever you want to give it to.
Embroidery software can be sold or given away in some cases, especially those that come with a dongle.
Seeing the number of flowers to all postings in the freebie section I expect the better part of all embroidery collections consists of freebies.
And those bought ones? They are the ones I wanted and all of them give me great pleasure.

by dennis999 19 Aug 2016

Further to my earlier post, I would hazard a guess and suggest that the policy adopted by Embroidery Library will apply pretty well across every company offering similar services.

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jrob by jrob 19 Aug 2016

I believe you are correct, it follows straight across the lines of almost every digital copyright I've seen.

by jrob Moderator 19 Aug 2016

The only things I purchase with the idea to "leave" to my loved ones is jewelry, art, property, and some musical instruments.
My embroidery is just that. MY embroidery. If I wanted to leave embroidery files when I'm gone, I'd leave it in a monetary form or gift card for the recipient to choose what suits them.
I haven't ever bought an embroidery file with the idea that someone else might like it after I'm gone.
I understand where you are coming from, however I don't look at my embroidery files as an asset. I look at them the same as most others; something that gives me pleasure in the here and now.

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 19 Aug 2016

Well said!!!!

mariahail by mariahail 22 Aug 2016

My daugther has so much, but I wanted to giver something I really loved and enjoy, but I believe that every embroidery site should have a sign saying "this designs are not really yours, your are renting them and used them for as long as you may live and then they should be destroy"

mariahail by mariahail 22 Aug 2016

sprry give her....

rescuer by rescuer 22 Aug 2016

All the design websites I find have something in their Terms and Conditions explaining it. Most say you are licensed to use the design and it cannot be shared or given to anyone.

by bevintex 19 Aug 2016

Because I can't pass them on when I'm gone does not mean I will stop buying from them. Some of my favorite designs have come from Emblibrary and Urban Threads, I love it when they have a sale and I look forward to each new week to see what is being offered. They won't lose any of my business

by queenofhearts 19 Aug 2016

If I buy a design it is because I want it for myself. Basing it's value on whether or not I can pass it on after I die makes no sense to me. I buy them to make me happy now.

by marianb 19 Aug 2016

Oh well, if the designs are not allowed to be inherited I will have to rethink the amount of designs I purchase.. Thanks for asking...

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mariahail by mariahail 19 Aug 2016

same here, I was hoping my daughter could use them when I'm gone...

by dennis999 19 Aug 2016

Well, I for one believe that the reply from Embroidery Library is entirely right and fair. I have found them to be an excellent company to deal with. The project information and guidance is just perfect and they share the benefits of the custom they receive by releasing free designs and other financial benefits via their Christmas Club.

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 19 Aug 2016

I agree

mariahail by mariahail 19 Aug 2016

I love Embroidery Library, but wanted you'll to see this.