by tlp22 09 Aug 2016

A few crocheted Ruffle scarves.


by airyfairy 08 Sep 2016

I love these. How I wish I could crochet. I have even watched you tube but I still cannot master it.

by pldc 08 Sep 2016

these are lovely!!! I have one that was made for me by a very special friend & I adore it! these will be loved ~hugs~

by graceandham 18 Aug 2016

You've been quite busy. Lovely work and someone is going to love them!

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tlp22 by tlp22 18 Aug 2016

I sure hope they do. I have sold lots of these but this batch is for gifts. Well, some of them.

by airyfairy 18 Aug 2016

These are fantastic

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tlp22 by tlp22 18 Aug 2016


by Patricia109 11 Aug 2016

I am in the midst of knitting up some of these. Never tried crocheting them. They look just like the knitted ones. :-)
That is funny as crochet does not look like knitting most of the time.

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tlp22 by tlp22 11 Aug 2016

It is because of this fantastic yarn. Everyone can do it.

by dragonflyer 09 Aug 2016

Lovely colors...

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tlp22 by tlp22 09 Aug 2016

Thanks. I just ordered a bunch more. They have sequins on them. So I will be doing another batch.

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Aug 2016

That is quite a collection. Well done

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tlp22 by tlp22 09 Aug 2016

Thank you.

by mops Moderator 09 Aug 2016

Lovely! Is this that wonderful ribbon that gives these lovely swirls?

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tlp22 by tlp22 09 Aug 2016

It is Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn. Hopefully the girls will love them.

by basketkase 09 Aug 2016

Holy've been busy.......beautiful work......

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tlp22 by tlp22 edited 09 Aug 2016

Yes I have. Thanks. We have family coming . 4 beautiful young ladies. So I am doing up some things in advance for them to choose to take back with them. A little of this and a little that.