by quail 04 Aug 2016

Here's another horse especially for toogie. The dowel is a 1" size. You make a stuffed little round pillow that you attach to the dowel with strong thread. You can also use glue in addition to the thread. This is what is placed in the horses head after it is partially filled. Then you finish filling the head. The bridle is 1/2 " poly webbing. I use heavy o rings because I like realistic.


by pldc 06 Aug 2016

this looks amazing! Super job on this! ~hugs~

by cfidl 05 Aug 2016

Love this and know a few others that would love this!

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quail by quail 05 Aug 2016

Thank you.

by joansatx 05 Aug 2016

Your work is gorgeous!

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quail by quail 05 Aug 2016

Thank you

by baydreamer 05 Aug 2016

So realistic! Looks fantastic , thanks for sharing

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quail by quail 05 Aug 2016

Thank you.

by killiecrankie 05 Aug 2016

Such a realistic horse head & the suede is a perfect choice for the skin.Where did the pattern come from?We have a little girl who would be old enough next year to enjoy this horse .

quail by quail 05 Aug 2016
Thank you. I know my grand-daughter loves hers.

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 06 Aug 2016

Thank you,it was nice to find out that she is a Aussie.Also no conversion rates.

by lilylady 04 Aug 2016

So Real, Wonderful!

by peafarm 04 Aug 2016

This is GREAT!!!! It is so realistic. Ride em' Cowboy or girl!!!

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quail by quail 04 Aug 2016

Thank you. Won't the kiddos have fun?

by toogie 04 Aug 2016

And I like it all! The suede up close looks like the horse's real skin/hair. I like his white blaze face too. The bridle does look realistic and the eyes.....

quail by quail 04 Aug 2016

Thanks. I've never been around any real horses very much, but I find them a majestic animal. You probably know them since you know how to call it "white blaze". The author of the pattern also speaks this way.

toogie by toogie 05 Aug 2016

We grew up with horses and had them when the kids were small, but no more. Our youngest daughter Ashley, is the only one, still has one. Daddy would bring one home half broke and we had to hang on or get bucked off. Mamma would get so mad at him putting us on, but rode we did.-lol