by lilylady 02 Aug 2016

What to thank everyone for Birthday Wishes First I had to mow lawn, but in the afternoon my D and BF made sure I had snacks and wine and BF had me for supper. I made Rum Chata cupcakes and delivered them to some of the people I know on resort. Was a beautiful day, thanks again!


by cfidl 04 Aug 2016

So good to hear!

by pldc 03 Aug 2016

YEH gr8 day for you!~hugs~

by airyfairy 02 Aug 2016

Pleased you had a god day. Thank you for your post

by sdrise 02 Aug 2016

Glad you enjoyed your day!

by toogie 02 Aug 2016

I've never had Rum Chata cupcakes but they sound good to me. Also sounds like you had a wonderful day. Belated Happy Birthday, from Toogie

lilylady by lilylady 02 Aug 2016

Recipe on internet, they are very good and cream cheese frosting. Thanks!

toogie by toogie 04 Aug 2016

Sounds like something I would love.... anything fattening!-lol