by shirley124 01 Aug 2016

Goodbye Old & Hello New

We have just had the old car which has been written off taken on the tow truck.
Photo 1. Waiting for the tow truck.
Photo 2. Ready to leave.
Photo 3. Side view of our new Kia.


by toogie 02 Aug 2016

Nice looking wheels, 'Silver Streak"! You're like me, when I went opposite color, to what I had for years. I had ( &still have white, because I still drive the old car around here) so I bought a darker color 4 years ago. You had dark car and bought lighter. We keep them so long, and I loved the white for not showing dirt/dust as much, that if you get another white you don't actually 'feel' like you have a different/new car. Good luck with this pretty vehicle.-Toogie

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shirley124 by shirley124 03 Aug 2016

Pleased you like my 'Silver Streak' 3 cars back that one was white. When we got the dk green one it became known as 'The Greyhound' because it just wanted to go. The old Laser was then called 'The Gutless Wonder' lol Hugs

by peafarm 02 Aug 2016

Good for you. My car is a 1993--husband said as long as he can fix it - it's staying. Have a 2000 SUV I can drive but don't. Still that is 16 years old. I want a 4 door and husband says he'll never have one. We'll see--we aren't no spring chickens and I tell him he looks funny getting in and out of his sports car.

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shirley124 by shirley124 02 Aug 2016

The written off one was 16 years old. We kept it serviced and it had nearly new tyres. It too was 16 years old but we had bought it new. Was just a shame someone had to run into it. I hope you get your 4 door soon. Hugs

by sdrise 02 Aug 2016

Congratulation on your new car!

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shirley124 by shirley124 02 Aug 2016


by dragonflyer 02 Aug 2016

Congratulations! Enjoy many trips in your new wheels!

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shirley124 by shirley124 02 Aug 2016