by teddybear117 18 Jul 2016

Thought I'd stop in and say "Hi'. It's been awhile. Sort of crawled into my own world for a bit. I was going to work on my blog, but didn't even get that done. My house and yard have even suffered. I didn't even get all my garden to see what fall veggies I can get in. All the things that are going on in the world isn't helping, either. Depressing.

My daughter had neck surgery last Oct. and in March had back surgery. I have no idea how that turned out. She got into a snit and pulled away from me and I don't know who else. I know she was upset, and at times when super worried will argue with a toadstool if it is in the wrong place at the right time. I hope she is doing well, that is all I can do at the moment. Now to pull out of my 'blue world' and get back to what I enjoy doing. That being machine embroidery and crochet at times when I can't have a machine with me. Hope eveyone is doing well...


by airyfairy 27 Jul 2016

We all go through bad patches. Some more than others. Hope that you and your daughter make up for lost time. Life is just too short. Good to see you here again.

by jrob Moderator 27 Jul 2016

I'm sorry you are having such a bad time. I do hope that you go ahead and do some things that make you feel better. "Hope" is the cure for what ails you. Big ole hugs and prayers for you and your daughter and the healing of your relationship.

by parkermom 27 Jul 2016

It is difficult when family strife sets in. It upsets my whole world and energy level and outlook and productivity when there is upheaval or pulling away in my family. I will put you and your daughter on my prayer list. Someday, she will realize that the love from family is so precious. In the meantime, you must take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself, do things that make you happy and restore your soul.

by crafter2243 Moderator 18 Jul 2016

I hope you will find enjoyment again real soon. My heart goes out to you. I know just how you feel. Hugs

by cfidl 18 Jul 2016

Hi teddy. I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone in the parent child snit thing. My thoughts have changed in my latest studies to know that we share so much with the people we hang with. I hope you get to hang with your daughter again soon. Now that my daughter has found her "one", I see her only occasionally and boy do I miss her sweet face. You are so correct in that being aware of the happenings can be depressing to say it lightly. I hear we need to give ourselves hope at times like this. I am sending all the hope I can spare and will delight in your next message when it comes back extra wonderful!

by pennifold 18 Jul 2016

Good morning Kathy, (it's Tuesday 8.00am as I reply) I do hope that things will settle down with your daughter. Time they say is a great healer! I love crocheting and I think it's always something one can grab at any time to do. Also the machine embroidery will give you lots of joy and that's what we all need in our lives. I hope you feel a lot better really soon. Good luck with your Autumn vegies. Love Chris, Newcastle, Australia.

by asterixsew Moderator 18 Jul 2016

Machine embroidery solves many problems. Just watching a design stitch out is a excellent way of spending time. Good to see you here again

by peafarm 18 Jul 2016

Teddybear 117---I've been where you've been it seems. All these Cuties do so very much and I just hit the surface. Every now and then being creative hits me. My husband gets in a mood often and it affects me. Also part of my family picks and chooses when to call or visit even though we live in the same area. I don't even bother them much now only the odd text every now and then and see if they contact me. We should just lift ourselves up and move on but I know it affects our bodies energy also. I hope you can get on with it. LIfe is short--we both need to do what we love before we can no longer do it. My sewing and embroidery stuff is room filling so need to use it.