by 02kar Moderator 17 Jul 2016

I know many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are dealing with high temps. Please make sure you are staying well hydrated. I took my handsome hubby to the ER last night for heat exhaustion. He is fine after 2 litres of fluid and medication for the vomiting, but I don't want any one else to go through this. So drink up and be careful about working outside.


by mary51 18 Jul 2016

Here in Orlando we have days of three digits!!!! Sooo hot. yesterday was extremely hot.not even the ac was enough

mary51 by mary51 18 Jul 2016

Glad your husband is fine.

02kar by 02kar 18 Jul 2016

I'm in northern FL and our AC has decided to die. We're waiting for the AC guy to call us back. Try to stay cool.

by eleen 18 Jul 2016

Funny weather we have these days. Even our winter was not that cold this year (so far ... lol)

by lbrow 17 Jul 2016

Get him to keep a bottle of water with him at all times Karen. I would keep a cooler with bottled water near him either in vehicle or at home/Lillian

by theduchess 17 Jul 2016

Im in Texas and IT'S SO HOT!! 104 yesterday!And all my elephant ears are dying! Can't see how some people are so cruel. Someone is getting a new roof .. TOO hot for the men to work in.

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bevintex by bevintex 17 Jul 2016

July is always the worst. I'm here too trying to stay cool

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Jul 2016

Sorry to hear about your husband. In my bit of the UK its been wet and cold all weekend

by airyfairy 17 Jul 2016

So pleased that hubby is better. Seems strange when we in the Southern Hemisphere are sitting in front of fires.

by sewdeb 17 Jul 2016

So glad your hubby is well! Dehydration & heat stroke isn't something to mess around with. Thanks for the reminder! Deb

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Jul 2016

I am so glad your husband is Ok now. I am bad with drinking water, so this is a good reminder.

by sdrise 17 Jul 2016

Glad he is OK... Behave Mr. Rob!