by stork 15 Jul 2016

Question, What does everyone use to clean the body of their sewing machines? I know that the one shop I take my machine too cleans them up nice and they feel so smooth. I own various machines but my embroidery machines are Viking.


by tlp22 17 Jul 2016

I use one of the fuzzy on one side clothes you use for car windows. The other side is a very low nap. I dampen one corner with water. making sure to get any excess water out. Carefully wipe down plastic exterior. Use the low nap side to polish/dry off any dampness. It shines like new when done. On the rest I use a long natural bristle brush and a small flash light. this is to remove any dust or debris in the bobbin area.I also have a magnifying glass to help see in the dark spaces.I have a brother 2500d.

by sewdeb 16 Jul 2016

Thanks for asking the question! I picked up some good tips! Deb

stork by stork 16 Jul 2016

Glad it is helping others! Tonya

stork by stork 17 Jul 2016

You and me both! Some wonderful suggestions......

by mrskiki 16 Jul 2016

For stubborn marks I use a magic eraser.

by marianb 16 Jul 2016

I have always just used a damp cloth to wipe over the machine housing but do like the answers below. Thanks for asking. Marian

by stock 16 Jul 2016

I always use baby wipes, also on the inside, they pickup all the extra machine oil and dust, I cut apiece off, and push in corners with the sharp end of the machine brush...wendy

by eleen 16 Jul 2016

I use a paintbrush to remove dust all over the body. If the Plastic does not feel smooth I would use a very small squirt of all purpose furniture polish on a cloth and rub the machine. It is not liquid. It is the same polish I use to clean my marble tops and it makes it shiny and smooth. Have done this for a long time and has not seen any color changes (going yellow). I also cover my machines if not used. So they are actully just open when I use them.

by Sewmum1 15 Jul 2016

For my machines that have a plastic body I use a microfibre cloth that doesn't require chemicals. I wouldn't want to use anything that causes the plastic to turn yellow over time. For my metal body machines I squirt a tiny amount of clear window cleaner onto the cloth if necessary otherwise I do the same as above.

by Pittsc 15 Jul 2016

Wal-Mart carries a cleaner called Purple mix it with water to use even thought it is a liquid form....spray it on a soft cloth and then clean your machine. don't spray on the machine..I worked in a sewing machine repair and service and that is what we used. Hope this helps.

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stork by stork 15 Jul 2016

I will look for that. Thank you.

by 02kar Moderator 15 Jul 2016

I just use a clean dry cloth to wipe down my machines. I don't use any cleaning product because I am afraid the liquid will cause me heartbreak if it leaks into the machine. I'm interested to see what others are doing.

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stork by stork 15 Jul 2016

Same here!