by twee 02 Jul 2016

The bid is in for the restoration of the kitchen, but they won't start until the 11th, GRRRR! I worry about the dampness. I called a second company and have heard nothing back.


by pennifold 03 Jul 2016

I see Barbara has recommended Damp rid. Trev and I use this product all the time here in Newcastle in February/March when our humidity is at its highest. We place it in all our wardrobes and it works a treat. I hope you can get all of your dampness sorted out really soon Terri, nothing worse than mold and dampness in your home. I hope the second company gets back to you. Love Chris

by lbrow 03 Jul 2016

Sincere!y hope help will soon be there.. Dampness and mold are definitely difficult to live with. Unhealthy I believe is the word./Lillian

by babash 02 Jul 2016

Here in Australia we have a product called Damp Rid you buy it in a container the top part has holes in the bottom and fits into the bottom bit. Something like one garden pot sitting inside another. In the top part with the small holes you put the product dry granules looks a bit like cat litter. This absorbs the damp moisture in the air and the water goes through to the bottom pot. You can then pour away the water daily. Not a permanent fix but helps stop Mildew from growing and the smell you get with dampness.

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twee by twee 03 Jul 2016

Thanks for the suggestions. We have torn up the hardwood flooring and dried the layer underneath, but what I'm not sure of is the next layer which is probably still damp. The restoration company will have to deal with that.

by 02kar Moderator 02 Jul 2016

I don't blame you. Mold isn't something to ignore. At least you do have a bid and a date. Hang in there. I like rescuer's idea to help dry out some of the dampness.

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twee by twee 03 Jul 2016

I am concerned about that too.

by rescuer Moderator 02 Jul 2016

Get some portable heaters going...make it uncomfortably hot but not enough to cause a fire. If it is only warm, like the have much to worry about.
I hope you get help soon!