by pldc 02 Jun 2016

Cuties to the rescue once again! Thank you ladies for all your help. I did just as instructed & they turned out super! AS you can see they are a tiny bit off but that would be my placement of the designs not the actual hooping but I have learned so much. I couldn't wait to share them but they are still wet lol I could in fact stitch out another one to make the design go a bit higher but I think I will quit while I'm ahead. The scrolls have bee's stitched out surrounding the flowers I doubled the design & took out one of the bee's copied it & put one back to it's original spot & then added the extra one to the middle of the design. Being that the pants are black I'm not sure how well you can see but the top design is a tad off the seam line but not too bad it is the bottom that was placed a bit too the right a bit wide so next time I will know to make it straighter in the hoop. Thanks again I quite like it & may add this design further up on th eother side of the pant leg to balance this off. What do you think add more or leave it as is?


by lbrow 07 Jun 2016

Wasn't around to answer you on this but I usually look at some I have purchased and really like that have embroidery. Get an idea from that. Then go from there by looking at their placement. To me this is the easiest way. I really like what you have done. Good job/Lillian

by cfidl 06 Jun 2016


by basketkase 06 Jun 2016

Very pretty, Loralye, I love this type of design.......

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pldc by pldc 06 Jun 2016

Vicki thank you very much, ~hugs~

by deegee 06 Jun 2016

Wow, what an excellent result. Looks great just as it is, (in my opinion). You have done a great job.

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pldc by pldc 06 Jun 2016

thank you very much, ~hugs~

by greysewist Moderator 05 Jun 2016

As always, you're a star, L! Don't be so tough on yourself. Noone worth knowing is going to get out the measuring tape to judge positioning. The design/s stand out so well against the dark fabric, so you have done really well.

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pldc by pldc 05 Jun 2016

ah thanks so much Marianne! ~hugs~

by Jamielyn 04 Jun 2016

What a good idea,they look great

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pldc by pldc 05 Jun 2016

thank you

by sonjapotgieter 04 Jun 2016

Excellent work done...Stunning

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pldc by pldc 05 Jun 2016

thank you

by pldc 04 Jun 2016

many thanks to you all ~hugs~

by peafarm 04 Jun 2016

Terrific job.

by sjbrower 03 Jun 2016

Nice job! These look like a designer outfit. I wouldn't change a thing.

by noah 03 Jun 2016

good job my friend

by graceandham 03 Jun 2016


by crazypatchmama 03 Jun 2016

Really lovely design, looked good on a dark colored pants.

by bejoscha 03 Jun 2016

Beautiful work and great design, well done

by carolpountney 03 Jun 2016

Lovely design I like your placement on the leg

by deidrefay 02 Jun 2016

The design looks well balanced, and enough as it is. I would not extend it further up the leg. Great job.

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pldc by pldc 02 Jun 2016

many thanks Deidre, ~hugs~

by jerrib 02 Jun 2016

Awesome job and beautiful design...

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pldc by pldc 02 Jun 2016

thank you very much Jerri, ~hugs~

by baydreamer 02 Jun 2016

looks fantastic

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pldc by pldc 02 Jun 2016

thank you I am pleased ~hugs~

by lidiad 02 Jun 2016

I would leave it as it is, but it's a matter of personal choice.
Well done, Loralye!
Hugs, Lidia

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pldc by pldc 02 Jun 2016

thanks Lidia, might be right don't want to over do it

by babash 02 Jun 2016

Oh I like it. Well done.

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pldc by pldc edited 02 Jun 2016

Thanks so much, I am thankful for your help ~hugs~

by queenofhearts 02 Jun 2016

Great job, especially for the first time. Soon all your pants will have embroidery on the legs.

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pldc by pldc 02 Jun 2016

lol mmmm.........I have a few that could use updating lol thanks Theresa ~hugs~

by dragonflyer 02 Jun 2016

Nice job, Loralye!!

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pldc by pldc 02 Jun 2016

thanks Kim, appreciate your help too ~hugs~