by Sewmum1 ( edited 03 Jun 2016 ) 02 Jun 2016

ITH hand towel toppers

I made these for my elderly MIL. The designs is a free one I downloaded forever ago (from Snow lady designs), there was a design embroidered on the front but because of the busy fabric I opted to just have the quilting effect instead. I have now added the link to where you can find the free project kit and ith design

Next time I make these I think I will try and add the elastic loop for the button ith to cut down on extra sewing. The original designs requires you to make a buttonhole but I prefer the loop so it can fit the diameter of the handle it hangs from better


by GayleMc 22 Nov 2020

This product is offered as free ith design yet it is not downloadable.

rescuer by rescuer edited 22 Nov 2020

The person that posted this in Projects, mentioned she got the design years ago from a different website. This post is from 2016.

toogie by toogie 23 Nov 2020

Look in Community- Freebie-Toogie
I have posted where to find this design.

by glob69 04 Jul 2016

I love the fabric you chose and the quilting. Very pretty.

by shirley124 03 Jul 2016

Very nicely made. Hugs

by arisann 03 Jul 2016

Very nice job!

by peafarm 04 Jun 2016

Very nice and thank you for the link to the project.

by robinbird 03 Jun 2016

These towel toppers you've made look delightful& these colors are so spring like too. Hope you'll recall where this design came from& thanks for sharing your project. :~D

by castor 03 Jun 2016

love the cheerfull material you used turned out great

by anagha 03 Jun 2016

Good one

by Sewmum1 03 Jun 2016

Thank you for the lovely comments. I have searched and searched and found the design and a link for anyone that is interested as it is still available.

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favorite by favorite edited 04 Jun 2016

Lovely. Thank you for the link.

by katydid 02 Jun 2016

Nice job. Everyone likes these towel toppers. I ran into a friend that I had given as a house warming gift 10 yrs. ago and said she needed more as they were worn out. I never dreamed she has used them for 10 yrs. Kay

by babash 02 Jun 2016

They are lovely. Is it a Tea Towel you put in it or a Towelling towel?
I just made something similar but not in the hoop and found it very full with Towelling.
These look so much nicer.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 02 Jun 2016

I just used a waffle weave tea towel that was so large I cut it in half for the two hand towels. You could try using less toweling in the hanger as you really don't need too much

babash by babash 03 Jun 2016

Thanks for your reply.

by queenofhearts 02 Jun 2016

These will certainly brighten up her kitchen, very nice work.

by sonjapotgieter 02 Jun 2016

Stunning....Well done!!!

by teun 02 Jun 2016

Sehn toll aus.Verry nice fabric

by RockyB 02 Jun 2016

These came out very nice! I'm sure they will be appreciated!

by pldc 02 Jun 2016

very nicely done, ~hugs~

by dragonflyer 02 Jun 2016

They are lovely, Karryn....

by stella1 02 Jun 2016

WOW!!! excellent beautiful towel-toppers lovely colours and lovely fabric.Nice idea

by noah 02 Jun 2016

Excellent as always hugs Carolyn

by toogie 02 Jun 2016

Both very nice and pretty, but I think my preference is the left one.Good just to remember where they're from......

by cfidl 02 Jun 2016

Excellent toppers. Love the bright fabrics.

by pennifold 02 Jun 2016

These are wonderful, well done, love Chris

by baydreamer 02 Jun 2016

The quilting is a nice addition ! Prettty

by babsie 02 Jun 2016

Petty towels and I love the quilting effect.

by bejoscha 02 Jun 2016

Very nice work, both of them

by lidiad 02 Jun 2016

They are both very pretty!
Hugs, Lidia