by sdrise 01 Jun 2016

HI everyone.. My kittens went to the vets yesterday. They had their splints taken off. The swelling is gone on their wrists. they are putting weight on the front paws and Doc said leave the splint off now and let them walk around a big room to exercise the paws.

Poppy seems to be walking OK But Sasha is still limping a bit. Hers was the worse so I imagine it is sore right now I think their wrists will be fine.
We go back to the vets next week for another check. Thank you all for your prayers!! You are all wonderful!


by zoefzoef 04 Jun 2016

Great news ! Give the all a big hug from me and tell them to practise good !

by pennifold 04 Jun 2016

That is such encouraging news, I'm so pleased for them all. Love Chris

by sjbrower 03 Jun 2016

Great news for these precious little furries. You are such a wonderful human to care for them. I'm glad they are on the mend.

by cfidl 03 Jun 2016

Good news! Yeah!

by gerryvb 02 Jun 2016

great news !!

by jrob Moderator 01 Jun 2016


by momac 01 Jun 2016

Fantastic news. A big hug for them and yourself for giving them a loving home. Maureen

by 02kar Moderator 01 Jun 2016

Yippee! You know me, I celebrate each answer to each prayer we send up for these precious creatures.

by sewemb 01 Jun 2016

So happy everything is going well for your kittens